Manual 240 wagon

Rmsv70Rmsv70 Wyee point NSW
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Hi I just brought a 89 manual 240 wagon in pretty good condition for age but not registered just wondering what they go for?


  • SpacSpac Canberra-ish.
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    $500 to $3000 is the usual price range. Actual price of a particular car depends on all the usual variables.

    To go higher requires an exceptionally good car or an exceptionally stupid buyer.
    To go lower requires a substandard car or lucky buyer.
  • GingerNinjaGingerNinja Tasmania
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    How much did you pay for it?
    '88 245
    '88 245 turbo
  • Rmsv70Rmsv70 Wyee point NSW
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    OK thanks, I picked it up for $250 from a farm sale the old guy I brought it from said it has been sitting for 6 months and just had the clutch done a month before rego ran out
  • Rmsv70Rmsv70 Wyee point NSW
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    And it has a set of GLE alloys
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