1986 740 Turbo sedan T5 now wrecking

TreeTree VIC South East
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UPDATED 23/2/2017

All running gear sold. What's left:

All body and panels except boot/spoiler
pedal box, m/s cylinders and clutch line $220
3.9 plate welded diff 150
Enkeis $550
spacers $350
draco rims with full spare, one buckled rim $100
Front and rear bumper $50 each
Front seats and rail $30 each, rear seats $40
Headlights 50 each
doors inc power windows minus trim $50 each. Can sell switches and motors separately
bonnet $50
fenders $30
200 cell cat and mild steel cat back exhaust $400. My car was lowered and it fit under the axle. Otherwise can buy a 3 inch donut to go over axle. Has a rich deep note and light crackle pop decelerating
Battery $50
Head lining $50
radiator cap $10 each
Grille $15
Under carriage: sway bars, diff axles, cross members etc

All trims $5 each for a good one or free for bad.



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    This is disappointing.
    I was prepared to buy the whole lot.
    I'll contact you regarding the coilovers
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    It was at this moment that Ozvolvo turned into Turbobricks.
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    I offered to buy the whole thing over a month ago. Ehhh, it's all good, just have to change the plan for the wagon to suit what is up for grabs now. Rather than what I wanted to do with tri's whole car.
  • GhettobirdGhettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs
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    If it wasnt for the asking price... Thats why its up here for parts?
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    I will take the steering rack if you're ok to box & ship to Aucks. Rich
  • TreeTree VIC South East
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    which one of you bastards has dibs on the spoiler :-)
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    The quickest one ;p
    Wonder it it would suit the wagon
  • TreeTree VIC South East
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    Running gear all sold or pending.
    Most panels still intact, doors etc. Lots of underbody stuff like sway bars, chassis brace etc

    Jay it would look weird you need a hatchback style spoiler imo
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    Yeah a teeny little lip could work. You know I like weird ;p
    Although I'm planning to put a face on the roof rack.
    Would re Dee a spoiler usless
  • CamTCamT South East Suburbs (Melbourne)
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    Spoiler still available?
  • AshDVSAshDVS - Geelong, VIC
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    Completely non-related, @Tree , but what are you replacing it with?
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    AshDVS wrote: »
    Completely non-related, @Tree , but what are you replacing it with?

    A holiday ;p
  • TreeTree VIC South East
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    Boot and spoiler both gone
    Ash, as per Jay's answer it's getting replaced with money which is going towards long travel :)
    Not sure what I'll get next but I've been toying idea of a brute ute hehe
  • TreeTree VIC South East
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    UPDATED. If you see what you want shoot a PM
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