UltimateDaves 1998 V70 2.5 Auto

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See my 240GLE thread for more history.

Was going to be putting the money into my mercedes as a first car as it was far cheaper than the 240 as the costs for the 240 started to bloat out. But as I was perusing for sale ads for volvos as usual I saw this one come up. Advertised at $700 and it was only a few km away. So I went and had a look at it, had a nice roof pod and the guy just wanted it gone as he had got off his P's and bought an RX7 so he was fine with $300. Had it towed home a few days later, gave it a wash and started work.

Power window switch smoked a bit and didn't work, fixed that through a long process of cleaning and shoving bits of plastic through the fingers and have bought a lhd switch off ebay to rewire for rhd to fit in there. Have bought tailgate struts as the tailgate doesn't stay up and will fit them when they arrive. Have yet to do an oil change and hope that when I do, it will stop smoking as much. Otherwise will need to do the valve stem seals. Needs a windscreen as it has a chip and possibly the top engine mount.

All in all a very good buy for $300 and, despite the fact that it will cost more than the merc to register in the end, it won't be by much and that gives me much better safety and front and side airbags.



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    Nice one!
    Do the pcv.
    Love the white!
    Moaaar pix please!
    Wino (@Wino)
    Unfortunately they formed in 1997, which is after the "good music" cut-off date of December, 1996.
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    @Ex850R Will be getting more pictures of it when it's registered and fully cleaned up and polished. Wanna be able to drive it to a place with a nice background, as the yard isn't the best nicest looking background lol.
    But my theory at the moment is that it's the valve stem steals and not the pcv. The reason for that is that the top of the dipstick is broken off so it can't build up any pressure to push past the rings or to push oil up into the intake manifold. But if others who are more experienced with these engines could chime in about that it'd be helpful. First time with a non Redblock/PRV engine so have some things to learn.
    Only blemishes (apart from the obvious scrapes you get on the bumpers from 268k km) are a small scratch on the rear driver window trim, a small dent in the drivers guard and a very light scratch and small dent along the roof where someone had scraped it against a tree limb hanging too far down or something to that effect.

    And the first update, Tailgate struts arrived today so will be installing them when I have the time.

    Edit: Have now installed the struts. The tailgate stays open now.
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    The LHD Master Power Window switch has now arrived from ebay and I will be attempting to adapt the wiring for RHD. If successful I will write a guide as I have not been able to find a proper write up of how to put a LHD switch in a RHD car.
    If anyone has any information that would be helpful it would be much appreciated.
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