UltimateDaves 1998 V70 2.5 Auto

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See my 240GLE thread for more history.

Was going to be putting the money into my mercedes as a first car as it was far cheaper than the 240 as the costs for the 240 started to bloat out. But as I was perusing for sale ads for volvos as usual I saw this one come up. Advertised at $700 and it was only a few km away. So I went and had a look at it, had a nice roof pod and the guy just wanted it gone as he had got off his P's and bought an RX7 so he was fine with $300. Had it towed home a few days later, gave it a wash and started work.

Power window switch smoked a bit and didn't work, fixed that through a long process of cleaning and shoving bits of plastic through the fingers and have bought a lhd switch off ebay to rewire for rhd to fit in there. Have bought tailgate struts as the tailgate doesn't stay up and will fit them when they arrive. Have yet to do an oil change and hope that when I do, it will stop smoking as much. Otherwise will need to do the valve stem seals. Needs a windscreen as it has a chip and possibly the top engine mount.

All in all a very good buy for $300 and, despite the fact that it will cost more than the merc to register in the end, it won't be by much and that gives me much better safety and front and side airbags.

Current Volvos:
1996 850S
1998 V70 2.5
2006 V50 2.4i
Past Volvos:
1991 240GLE
1984 240DL


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    Nice one!
    Do the pcv.
    Love the white!
    Moaaar pix please!

    "XC90 Jerks.

    That a description for me and you bigal?"
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    @Ex850R Will be getting more pictures of it when it's registered and fully cleaned up and polished. Wanna be able to drive it to a place with a nice background, as the yard isn't the best nicest looking background lol.
    But my theory at the moment is that it's the valve stem steals and not the pcv. The reason for that is that the top of the dipstick is broken off so it can't build up any pressure to push past the rings or to push oil up into the intake manifold. But if others who are more experienced with these engines could chime in about that it'd be helpful. First time with a non Redblock/PRV engine so have some things to learn.
    Only blemishes (apart from the obvious scrapes you get on the bumpers from 268k km) are a small scratch on the rear driver window trim, a small dent in the drivers guard and a very light scratch and small dent along the roof where someone had scraped it against a tree limb hanging too far down or something to that effect.

    And the first update, Tailgate struts arrived today so will be installing them when I have the time.

    Edit: Have now installed the struts. The tailgate stays open now.
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    The LHD Master Power Window switch has now arrived from ebay and I will be attempting to adapt the wiring for RHD. If successful I will write a guide as I have not been able to find a proper write up of how to put a LHD switch in a RHD car.
    If anyone has any information that would be helpful it would be much appreciated.
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    How's the beast going?
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    @bigal Have been busy for a while and have just got back into it. The battery that came with it was a bit sad so I bought a blemished battery for $50 that fit and she's all good now.

    Funnily enough, one exactly the same but with different colored interior and rims moved in right across the road, and in my area volvos are rare.

    Will do the maintenance items and start to mess around with the power window switch in the next few days. Need to order in some more parts like the top engine mount and rear bump stops (I have no idea where I can get these and need to find out) and find out whether an oil change will stop the smoking.

    And on non V70 related news, found an old photo of our 244DL after it ran over a 2x4 piece of hardwood. IIRC only the sump and the rim were damaged. Made one hell of a bang though.
    Odd one that was as it had a stromberg and black trim despite being from 82-84 and being a DL.
  • bigalbigal (@bigal) Tasmania
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    FCPeuro should have all the parts you need at good prices. Tis where I shop for most of my xc90 parts. Parcel arrives in under a week.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    Ash can get you most parts you need.
    In fact, uprated bits too!
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    @bigal @Ex850R Well I was going to ring berry motor group but Ii'll give Ash a ring too and check FCP euro and see which is cheapest.
    Do you guys know if this comes with the Clip to hold the bump stop in place?
  • bigalbigal (@bigal) Tasmania
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    Someone commented on the review of those that they bought the fasteners also. So a seperate item by the looks.
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    @bigal I can't seem to find the clips on FCP.
    May have to go through Ash or Berry to get them.
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    Check Rockauto as well. I seem to buy from them far more now. Cheaper.
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    @Ex850R Yeah will have a look on Rockauto too.

    But update. Did the oil change today and the smoke died down alot. Used Semi Syth Penrite 15w40 in it.
    Have no idea why, but now the crankcase is deciding to build up pressure and pushing oil past the rear main seal whereas before it was only smoking but with no real pressure. Will be replacing the PCV system with a catch can and bigger diameter hoses anyway but it's a real roadblock for the RWC.
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    My daughters bestie father has same colour v70 as mine (coincidentally his brother has 2 the same colour as ours...) but his is Na and just started rear main leak. I thought pcv too and told him to do glove check.
    A European car mechanics shop he is mates with uses a goop to add to oil to seal it he recommends, and he has ordered but pcv must be done.
    Thanks for reminder.
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    @Ex850R Don't need to do the glove check on mine. Smoke billows from the oil cap and releases pressure when you take it off. Just not sure if it's JUST pcv or the rings too...
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    Update: Have moved it into the shed to begin work and will get around to taking the intake manifold off.
    Planning to clean the breather box (as it is hollow) and replace the piping with 5/8" heater hose and the vacuum line and hope to god it isn't clogged up in the sump/block. Was also considering copper piping but I have not been able to find a write up on this anywhere on the internet, has anyone else done this? As you can probably tell the car is a little money sensitive so I'm sensibly cutting corners where I can, so a full kit is a no go.

    Also, does anyone know where to find the cover for the drivers side front bumper insert in front of the tow point? It's a small issue but really makes the car look alot less clean.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    , @Rob has done copper pcv lines I believe.
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