Volvo 740 power steering pressure hose

1985 Volvo 740
TRW rack

I'm thinking about buying the PS pressure hose from FCP euro but not sure whether it will suit our RHD cars. $60 landed is hard to pass up. Enzed can refurbish my old hose but quoted 100-200 without looking at it.

Anyone else replaced their hose if so what route did they take?


  • Pretty certain a LHD hose will be the wrong length.

    Local remake is probably the most cost effective option these days, I reckon it should be closer to the $100 mark once they see it.

    You might be lucky enough to find an intact one at a self serve wreckers, but there aren't many 740's left these days.

    The Volvo-specific wreckers may have a good used one, but expect to pay more than Enzed's price.
  • TreeTree (@Tree) VIC South East
    Yeah most likely different due to rack and/or pump position. $60 Too good to be true haha. Got a recoed rack coming soon want to do a proper job and the hoses look tired.
    Thanks again for the pointers, I'll have to buy you a cold one if you decide to come to the meets one of these days...
  • No worries, the problem with the meets is that although I own a bunch of Volvo's, they all either don't run, aren't registered, or both!
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    That isn't that important Angus... Just going is.
  • fearfulmasterfearfulmster (@fearfulmaster) Northern Beaches, Sydney

    The part number is different between RHD and LHD so it won't fit. More importantly, does anyone know how to remove the high pressure hose without lifting the engine or dropping the subframe?

  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria

    Holy thread resurrection Batman!

    It's been a while but from memory the hose is clamped to the front of the subframe with one or two P clamps, comes in through the top of the subframe, and connects to the rack with a banjo bolt, 19mm I think. It should all be more apparent with the vacuum tank and splash pan removed. No need to touch the engine, engine mounts or subframe to get it out.

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