1983 240 6.0L LS2 V8 conversion



  • Did great to get that clean!
  • Go Volvo for spraying the entire underbody with a layer of shit to preserve the vehicle for future generations :)
  • There is a fair bit of zinc plated steel in the underbody and I recall it increased after about 1981. Was for salt resistance but a bonus for longivity elsewhere.
  • Ever wondered how rear King springs and stock 89 Wagon front springs would sit with an alloy block LS? No? Well I did, lol. Car is off to Smooth Suspension in Lilydale this week for corner weighting, just so I can get some baseline F/R weight dist. numbers to build some new strut assy's on the side. I've been driving this around with no front sway bar and while it does roll like a Nissan Patrol around corners taking speed bumps at full speed has been fun :)

  • Haha I'm rocking the same floaty front suspension setup and it's mint!

    Are you going to go coil overs?
  • alphaxMichael (@alphax) Melbourne
    edited January 21

    The new control arm bushes have made a big difference to road feel and the electro-hydraulic steering is so good I don't even think about it when driving - how steering should be! Looking forward to the new strut setup as it will upgrade many aspects of the cars handling in one hit.
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