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  • As some of you may know I am tempted by the iPD sway bars for the XC90. I've had a look into the total pricing and it's off its head..

    $499 USD for the kit + $477.86 USD shipping = $976.86 USD or $1,251.24 AUD.

    @bgpzfm142 What do you think are my chances of this K-Mac place whipping me up a set? If you think it's likely then who should I talk to there?

    Anyone else got any ideas? Perhaps the R spec XC's had thicker bars and better off getting those?
  • @bgpzfm142 What do you think are my chances of this K-Mac place whipping me up a set? If you think it's likely then who should I talk to there?

    Contact Kevin on 02 9556 1799 or email sales [at]

    Strange that Pedders don't have any offerings; XC90s aren't exactly rare. Lovells wants to keep their PDF catalogs soopa seekret and tease punters with files that don't download, so I don't know if they have them.

    But personally I'd avoid any Whiteline sand-filled tube rubbish.
  • pastryPastry @pastry Mittagong NSW
    edited October 2017
    I know people have welded two bars together in some circles (common practice on one of my old Saab's), but not sure there'd be room or a way to do this on an XC, or if it'd really work.

    But yeah they are crazy money. I bought a stiffer rear bar from the UK once, it was 120 quid plus about 40 quid shipping – bit more realistic.

    Anyway suffice to say that yeah I think alternate paths might be more sensible – including the R bar which to my knowledge is thicker/stiffer as you guess.
  • Thanks. Sent email to kmac.. will start sniffing round for R bars too.

    Back to "Project Big Screen"..

    I'm about to buy this cable for $300ish AUD (a bit ouch).. does anyone know of a cable harness adapter that can do the same at a cheaper price?
  • For 300 bucks you could whack a nice trusty chinese 19T on there Al. Come on mate!

    I've been getting tempted by 8EightFab downpipes TBH


  • ha.. they look fat. Been there and done that with exhausts on other cars.. I'm into "Granny Spec" these days.
  • yeah i need to keep reminding myself I'm better doing this stuff on the Aero.. or in fact saving the expense for something more interesting entirely.
  • Performed a 160,000km service on the 90 yesterday (I do them every 10,000kms). Lucky I did as the oil level was low and most likely due to the leaky front cam seal that I need to replace.. it appears it's coming from somewhere around that area and dripping all down the front (driver's side) of engine and a nice oily mess below.

    She's performing well. Checked the new PCV system by sticking a latex glove over the oil filler hole and it's sucking it back well.

    It will get a big wash today for its good behaviour.
  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
    I was getting a oil leak under the ht lead cover done the glove test and was getting a nice vacuum, found I had not tightened up the jubilee clip on the valve cover breather, (been like that since I rebuilt the head) also washed the car on the weekend and treated the bumpers to some 6YLY5vMh.jpg

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Love that car Gav!
  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
    Love that car Gav!

    Yeah she does alright for a 20 year old car
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
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    Gotta love the entertainment these middle aged volvos provide..

    Jumped in the car to go to work and was greeted with "Coolant low. Stop Engine".. awesome. Fearing something bad I opened the bonnet to find the coolant was at the min mark so not too bad.. I was expecting no coolant and a big puddle underneath. I just topped er up and all was well. Oh well, another thing to add to the list now.

    So where are coolant leaks usually found on these 2.5T's?
  • pastryPastry @pastry Mittagong NSW
    edited December 2017
    Just the usual spots I think –

    - expansion tank
    - ends of hoses (loose clamps)
    - at the drain petcock
    - radiator tank ends (split/bashed by a rock and cracked)
    - from the turbo connections (oof, rusty banjo :lol: )
    - water pump
    - leaky head gasket

    so yeah just a few places, if i've not missed any :confounded:
  • Thanks. That's a handy list.. gees I'm hoping it's not a leaky head gasket! That'll suck.

    I'll have a look over it this evening.
  • i'm sure it won't be the HG.

    I forgot to say, the expansion tank caps are prone to leaking too
  • Expansion tank is "go to" broken place on Volvo's. Cracking underneath or just a little crumbly and no longer holds pressure.
  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
    Expansion tank is "go to" broken place on Volvo's. Cracking underneath or just a little crumbly and no longer holds pressure.

    Yeah that happened to the v70xc as well, then the cap failed about 3 months later
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited December 2017
    The big beast is at a local specialist today getting an AC check and top up. Aircon working kinda (fan on max and on coolest setting) but nowhere near icy cold like our kia. Let's hope a top up is all that's required.
  • Icy cool now 👍

    Was reading 800 somethings (grams?) when I went in and now 1300 somethings plus they cleaned my grubby condenser so the heat can escape easier.
  • I should have mentioned before its really common for the condenser on the xc90s to leak, usually at the top corner on the drivers side. It should get you through the summer but if you have problems point them in that direction
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