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  • that only affects MY10-11 AFAIK (batch of bad hoses from memory)
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    Here's a cheap fix I can do this weekend. It should get me by until I can order a new pump and fit it.

    I think I'll go this glue:
  • that only affects MY10-11 AFAIK (batch of bad hoses from memory)

    ah yes.. you're right.
  • Thanks @pauljloz

    Was yours smelling like this also?

    Yes same as you describe.
  • Another job I must do this weekend is install new front pads. I've never done this before on a modern car.. only the old volvo.

    Is this the right procedure to follow?

  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    Suprisingly found a local parts store with a set of 4 front pads in stock. Quite unexpected in this town. Plus they had 25% off. TRW pads for $87.75. They might be crap but pads were urgent as I just started to hear that metal grinding noise.

    This procedure in the video above appeared unnecessary to me. I think he undid too many bolts. I just undid the guide pins, turned the top caliper housing over, clamped the piston back, installed pads and slapped er back together. 1st one took 2 hours as wasn't sure what procedure to follow, 2nd one about 30min.

    About to do the first trial run and will follow the warning of not to brake hard in the first 150 miles.

    What could go wrong?!
    (Just an unstoppable tank is all).



  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    I have a confession to make. I put the wrong pads in the other day. Took it round the block and didn't feel right. Examined the TRW catalogue further and realised I put in the later pads which have a bee's dick difference. Anyhow, bought the correct pads this time (TRW's at the weekend sale at Repco) and put them in today. I cleaned and lubed the glide pins with brake grease this time and all went back together perfectly. Brakes are spot on now.

    Washed it also.

    It's a well oiled machine!



  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    Another win on xc90 ownership. Third party insurance with AAMI for $132.

    Frugal living in luxury.
  • pastryPastry @pastry Mittagong NSW
    Hah the insurance blew my mind too Al. Ridiculously cheap!

    Is this a Volvo thing? Bowls hats and beige slacks and all that?
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    Bargin of the century these things if you can do some diy! Luxurious as, they're like travelling in a lazy-boy chair, cheap insurance and cops leave ya alone. Wins all round.

    Had a milf check out the xc90 at child care the other day as I was leaving.
  • Xc90 = MILF magnets
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
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    Going to do the first drain and fill on the transmission today. Noticing a very slight slip and clunck on occasion. Hopefully some fresh fluid will sort.

    Will let the first batch slosh round for a couple of days and do another.
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    The hose comes off the tranny cooler and you start car with it in a measuring jug. Stop. Add sane amount of fresh in filler. Repeat until clean comes out in the jug.
    Its how the workshops do it.
  • Hmm maybe not today.. rain is getting thicker.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    You made of marshmallow or what!?
    We getting 100k winds, warnings are stay inside!
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited April 2017
    Drain and fill on the transmission this morning and likely the first ever done on this vehicle. The drained fluid was dark and smelly. Very simple to do with my filler that has a flexible clear tube extension. Valvoline MaxLife ATF in and the transmission is very happy. Noticably smoother gear changes and no clunks or bumps at all which it was starting to do on occasion. Given it a good run today from Launceston to the East Coast (St Helens).

    Will do another drain and fill in a week or so to avoid fluid shock which may dislodge big sludge chunks and cause complete transmission failure.

    Admiring the mighty machine through the window..


    And a pic of new LEDs in action..

  • Did you do a Vadis readaption cycle thingo on the box after drain and fill? Or saving til after next cycle?
  • Na. I don't have that gear yet.
  • Exploring the east coast. The xc doing a fine job.

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