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  • So @egads do you have a similar smell occurring or just detected dampness in the carpet?
  • Damp and smell! Hooray!
  • Ha. Nice knowing I’m not the only one in the country battling this crazy problem. I was about to burn the car and go buy a new shape xc90. Soon realised I can’t afford one so fixing is the only solution. Glad I’m getting somewhere now.

    New front pair of Geolanders going on it end of the week.

    Fuel economy is great at the moment.. averaging 10.8L/100km. Maybe due to the slicks on the front.
  • Reasons to get an XC90 without a sunroof +1
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
    edited February 2019
    Sunroofs are cool. But yeah I can’t argue there.

    Speaking of sunroofs.. I now have a strict criteria when I search for cars and it goes like this:

    Sunroof (near top of the list)
    No bigger that 5 cylinders (fuel economy reasons)
    Excellent small overlap crash test results.

    I spend way too much time on carsales dreaming of new xc60’s and 90s.
  • My v8 gets pretty much the same fuel economy as a t5....
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
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    Needed a new sunshade so went and bought the biggest one I could find.. it was way too big so ended up cutting it down and shaping it to fit nicely around the dash. Bit of extra protection on the sides too.


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    For Tassie?
    No way.....
  • New geolanders on front, balance and 4 wheel alignment this morning.

    Might rip out the passenger carpet this weekend and get some waxoyl to attack the remaining cabin leak.

    What are you guys doing on your xc90s this weekend?
  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
    Where did you get the wax oil, I use to swear by the stuff in the UK, used it on my volvos, would live to get some for my 122
  • Was going to head to some auto stores today.. guess it’s not that easy to find. I know my bodyworks guy uses it so I might have to ask him. Something tells me he might of used a Wurth version of it.
  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth
    Was going to head to some auto stores today.. guess it’s not that easy to find. I know my bodyworks guy uses it so I might have to ask him. Something tells me he might of used a Wurth version of it.

    The wurth stuff is good as well
  • bigalbigal @bigal Tasmania
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    Pulled the front passenger carpet out today and she’s a little bit manky. Not terrible but not suitable to go back in. Will upload a picture after.

    I can also see some evidence of where the water has been coming in from a seam so will sort that out.

    Where does one get good replacement carpet from? I won’t be in a mad rush as I will be monitoring leaks for a while.
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
  • I'm due for an update here.

    Front carpets still out and have been thrown out, found the root cause of the cabin water leak which has been causing the odd smell on a damp wet morning and fixed it.

    Performed a deeper inspection of the air intake area and discovered the foam where my fingers are here was wet. A section of foam pulled out quite easy and discovered most of this piece was damp.

    I thought at this point all was solved.. the smell was quite a bit less. However after a downpour a couple of weeks later I found a puddle in the passenger footwell. I had more work to do.

    So I got back to the air intake area and realised the seal between the black air intake surround part must have a shit seal to the metal. I did some deep googling and it appeared to be a known problem. I applied some automotive selly's sealer neautral cure and got to it.. 2 layers waiting a day in between each application.

    Luckily there has been in a few downpours this week to give it a good test and all is dry inside and no odd smells. Mystery solved!

    Interesting to note - I stumbled across mention of this problem being a recall in another country on the xc70's. Not sure how true that is.

    Anyway, I hope this helps some folk out there.

  • Hi All. Hope everyone is well. General update for the XC90 fans on how my faithful old Volvo is going.

    A set of low km front carpets..

    Seats back in..

    Big day and night putting it all back together.. Thanks brother for the help lifting the seats in.

    Removed the blower motor, cleaned it and the air ducting all around it. Oiled the blower motor while it was out. Seems quiet and still performing well.

    Installed the new Android stereo and UK made harness..

    And reverse camera which was a bumper off job..

    Still need to install the new wood-grain piece around the selector.

    210,000km service.

    This magnetic tool stopped the plug from falling in the bucket which was handy..

    And a wash..

    And the new family member.. A new CX-5 Akera Petrol 2.5T for the lady. I get to drive it on weekends. Wow does it go! (the mazda)

    Volvo still better :-)

    Next on the list is an engine bay clean and some random parts to make the Volvo great again.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Reading back through the thread, pulling the core out of an electrical cable and using the insulation as a hose is top-tier Macgyvering

  • Just stumbled across this thread. Great thread, really enjoyed reading through it. I should do one on my own car. I have an 06 XC90 2.5T myself and love it. I don't have a sunroof and don't suffer from the smell problems, but glad to see it looks like you got them solved. I love the pics of it in the snow. I hope to take my XC90 to the snow one day!

  • Cheers @AussieTimmeh

    Glad you are enjoying the thread. Good old lumps.

    A trip to the snow to test the W button is a good excuse.

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