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1996 850R "Brünnhilde"

jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
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I bought this 850 from @Rob in January 2014.

Rob's thread on the 850:


I named it Brünnhilde after the shieldmaiden and Valyrie of Germanic mythology (also a major character in Wagner's Ring Cycle).


Anyway I bought it, got it registered, and so far I've replaced the front fog lights, fixed a bent wiper arm, painted the spoiler, and started replacing all the instrument lights with red LEDs.

I also had the mismatched 215/45R17 replaced with 205/45R17 and rolled out a kink in the passenger guard. Both these things were causing a LOT of scrub and chewing up the old tyres.


I also washed the car, something it evidently didn't get enough of in its younger years. The paint work is not horrendous but it's well beyond fixing. I'm going start shopping around for quotes to repaint the roof and blend the d-pillars. The clear coat is separating and missing in places, and on the driver's D-pillar it is worn all the way down to primer! How does that even happen??


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