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8-ball, the $200 S40 T4.



  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Locally, only the LCCC runs khanas - on either of two venues (one is between Murrumbatemen and Yass, the other at Gundaroo).
    The Wagga club does khanas but I haven't investigated it.
    My old Nowra based club (SKDAC) runs a few khanacrosses, but I haven't been to one in years.
    Plus the Christian Autosports club has/had grounds up near Cataract dam.

    Rallying is everywhere I can be bothered to travel to (which is not many places/not often, lately).
  • Replace glass sunroof with aluminium sheet and rivets + silicone seal?
    Saves like 35kg
  • BenBen (@Ben) Peter Harvey... Canberra
    Awesome, I'll check out some websites then :)
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Currently in 6th place, Anna in 7th.
    *Someone* may have been in contention for the win before hitting two flags...
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    El Wifeo in action:hKCLT9f.jpg
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    edited April 2016
    I ended up 6th after hitting a few too many flags (four or five with a five second penalty each). Anna finished 13th(?) after a WD.

    The car is even better than I'd hoped. Handling is ridiculously benign, it stops well, and it finds more traction than you'd expect.
    The main problem is the car's incontinence: power steering reservoir, and (particularly) the brake master cylinder reservoir. Pretty sure the brake fluid leak is between the plastic reservoir and the alloy body of the MC.
    Oh, and it leaks oil from the turbo oil drain into the block.

    Very happy with it. I managed fastest time on two test, and all my times were in the top ten before flag penalties.

    Seriously thinking about building one as a rally car now.
  • Late phase 2 2.0l rally car plan again?
  • BenBen (@Ben) Peter Harvey... Canberra
    Very cool, you'd be the talk of the town if you went the wagon...
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Wondering about using the silver car, TBH.

    Photos from our 7yo son. m11jIAi.jpg
  • nickmnicko (@nickm) Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Nice Nick. That's a very late one, yes?
  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed (@PaddlerEd) New England Region, NSW
    Yeah, pretty sure it is as it has the big side market lights
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    edited May 2016
    Today was spent getting it ready for the Supersprint on the weekend.

    Replaced the brake MC, which was pissing out fluid where the reservoir meets the MC. Gave me the opportunity to gets some fresh fluid in there too.

    Fitted the front strut brace from the Mirage race car. Had to bend the fuse box down at the mount to make that work...

    Fitted the KYB/Ralliart shocks from the Mirage too. It sits well at the back, but is very low at the front. The gearbox is about 85mm off the ground, and the lower subframe brace is about 60mm above the ground.
    I think I'll make some spacers at work to go between the strut tops and the body. Should get about 20mm without a drama - another 20mm would be nice, but I'm not sure how to get it.

    Re-sealed the leaky turbo oil drain into the block.

    Put urethane goo in the collapsed engine/gearbox mounts. Straightened the bent lower subframe brace.

    Sanded back the shitty clear coat on the bonnet and reapplied aerosol clear.

    Last/first photo shows the struts at full droop... There's not much travel there!


  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    The OZ wheels are NOT staying on there! I bought them for one of the rally cars, and they came with four decent semi slicks. No point in taking the semis off until they're worn out.

    I also got halfway through fitting bonnet pins before poor light stopped play.


  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Whats the free length and rate of the front springs you have. Assume they're 2.5" dia?
    Let me know - rather than make up spacers (unless you're super keen on doing it), I can trade the ones you have in on something a little longer if you like?
    We have some decent used 2.5" dia springs in stock, but can always supply new ones if we don't have a used pair that'll suit.
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Thanks for the offer, but the problem is that the struts are just too short, even at full droop.

    I put a 15mm spacer between the upper spring seat and the strut top, and wound the springs up as far as I dared (currently using about 25% of travel at static height. I'd be happier with 30%). This has given me 23mm of extra height.

    I wanted to put a spacer between the strut top and the body, but I didn't have any material that would work with the Mirage strut tops (which have a much larger diameter 'body' that sticks up through the strut tower). S40 tops don't work on the Mirage shocks, because they're a totally different (and inferior) design.

    I've got some material at work, but time is against me for this weekend.
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Ah, a strut length issue. Not spring free length. Gotcha. that makes sense.
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    The Wife saw it with the OZ wheels and immediately said "it's like a rat with a good tooth!".
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Can I come up for a steer?
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