[sold]142, 244, Bilsteins, Solex carbs, 15x7s, basically all my RWD stuff.

SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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All sold.

1. 1972 142S project car.
Excellent body, mostly original paint in mostly very good condition.
Black ProCarseats on 140 rails.
72 GT grille, plus normal '72 grille plus early grille.
Spare bumpers.
Unassembled 2.1litre B20B with professionally ported B21E head. R-sport copy extractors. Twin 44mm Solex side drafts on port matched manifold.
Five 15x7 Globe Bathurst wheels with good 195/60 tyres.
Magic wand M40, plus extra M40.

Spare bonnet.


$1500/lot $200, on 240 steel wheels and/or without Solexes. Will consider selling motor without the car.

2. 1982 244GL, Hippy.
Exceptionally good flathood 244.
Very good white paint on very straight, rust-free body.
Best stock B23E I've ever driven. 9l/100km, and smoother and faster than any other I've driven.
M46, works well.
Six Virgo wheels.
Immobiliser, sports steering wheel, good stereo.
Tan interior, includes a Recaro driver's seat in tan.
Brand new Bilsteins & used lowered springs (not fitted).
Tinted windows.
Will need windscreen for rego.

On hold, pending payment.

3. 1976 245GL project car.
Not running due to auto coming loose on the bellhousing(!) and some parts been taken, but supposedly good B21E.
Very good body. No visible rust, original yellow paint will polish up well.
Five 15" alloys from a 91 940GLE.
Car is missing a few bits, mostly interior.
Pre-ADR27a car, so easy emissions regs for motor swaps.

Sold, pending payment.

4. Two or three Commando bumpers, no rubbers. $20 for the lot.

5. Assorted other 240 parts: guards, grilles, both later style bonnets, rear doors, five panel tail lights, headlights & headlight parts (no good reflectors...), early and mid style bootlids, radiators, heads, centre caps, 14" GL alloys, tinted 244/late 144 windows, interior bits and pieces, brake rotors, 242GT "rear door" trims, etc etc.



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