850 1995 - Replacing the Odometer Gears

I have purchased the two gears to fix my odometer in my 1995 850. I have instructions on how to do it in a left hand drive vehicle. If I simply 'reverse' these instructions, will I be ok. Are there any other differences between the left and right hand drive cluster that I should be aware of?
Thanks again for your help.


  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Cluster should be the same I would think. No need to reverse anything.
  • Thanks, I just see things about where the vents are and wonder if there are any other differences. Thanks for your help, Tracey
  • brockbrock @brock Devonport, TAS
    Removing the dash top will be a mirror of the LHD instructions, the cluster itself is the same.
  • Thanks for that. Was very much hoping there wouldn't be any surprises.

    We have now replaced the gears and the odometer is running beautifully. Thanks, Tracey
  • Awesome, good to hear!
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