Silver Unicorn, S40 T5 AWD M66

I found a Unicorn!
2007 S40 T5 AWD Manual M66
Its silver with a black Interior
170k on the ODO (mostly highway)

-T-belt done at 158k
-New Pirelli Cinturato P1's
-Premium Sound
-Has Aux In
-Heated seats
-Interior is spotless
-Purchased from hot lesbians
-Came with roof racks with Snowboard/ski bars
-HIDS from factory
-Fogs from factory
-Aircon is ice cold and heat is hot
-Premium climate system with air filter etc...
-Free of spiders...
-Rego until December

-Very light ting from front end (suspect mounts or sway bar end links)
-The bit of plastic cover around the steering shaft in the drivers food well is borked (mounts have gone... epoxy should fix...)
-Needs an expansion tank like every other
-Needs PCV like every other
-Has been in minor front end event... repaint of poor quality, front bar and drivers side 1/4th need repaint
-Fuel pressure sensor is on its way out (common)
-Lacks bluetooth
-Sits stupidly high
-Engine/trans mounts slightly worn (more movement then there should be)

-Tubro upgrade
-Big intercooler or A2W setup
-lowering springs
-17x8 rimps with 225/45/17 rubber (Will wait until current tyres are dead)
-Tune (want 350whp minimum)
-NOS bottle sub in trunk for LOL factor
-Upgrade high beams with HIDS
-30W LED bar for reversing light

Pics to come soon!
I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".


  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Sounds good.
    Likes good coffee & motorsport. Builds stuff. Occasionally races stuff.
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  • Plans
    -Tubro upgrade
    -Big intercooler or A2W setup
    -lowering springs
    -17x8 rimps with 225/45/17 rubber (Will wait until current tyres are dead)
    -Tune (want 350whp minimum)
    -NOS bottle sub in trunk for LOL factor
    -Upgrade high beams with HIDS
    -30W LED bar for reversing light

    Just drive it and enjoy it for what it is ;)
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Just drive it and enjoy it for what it is ;)

    Said no one ever. ;)
  • Dont encourage him.
  • Just drive it and enjoy it for what it is ;)

    Said no one ever. ;)

    Well... I did for about a week...
    Now have started ordering bits from merika for pickup while I'm there
  • $500aud worth of stuff on its way to a place I am staying
    Still picking out some springs and shocks and strut mounts though
  • So... for $2800 i can get a new in box KW series 2 coilover kit
    Other option is a set of EIBACH springs for $400aud or so

    So much money can easily be spent....
  • ha yeah you can absolutely spend all your money on upgrades as they usually don't come cheap! have you looked at the elevate site yet? don usually does pretty good deals.
  • Stuff showed up to me in amerika today
    -Fuel pressure sensor (mine is half dead)
    -IPD heavy duty TCV (mine is failing)
    -NTK wideband stock O2 sensor (response time is slow on the original unit)
    -IPD HD front swaybar end links
    -URO upper strut mounts and bearings (will last for a year until the KW coilovers go in)
    -Haldex Filter
    -1L of Volvo branded haldex fluid
    -Spark Plugs
    -Air filter
    -Cabin Air filter
    -3 pack of oil filters
    -Fuel Filter

    I have put a backorder in with do88 for their intercooler & pipe/hose kit
    They said I should get it sometime this year which I'm fine with
    shipped its $500AUD cheaper then the elevate unit so it wasn't a hard choice

    Not yet worked out what I want to do for springs....
    Talking to Mike from FCP on Monday to see if he can do any better on the H&R kit they are clearing out
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Let me know if you want to fit a decent intake plenum to it - we're now able to offer PumaSpeed products and theirs flows better than both the Mountune and the Elevate (copy of the mountune product) offering.
  • Send me a pm with some pricing @AshDVS
    I'd love to do something awesome with the intake

    Backup plan is to Port the heck out of the stock one and tig up my own with an Audi quarto group 3 design style one
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    Here's a pic. They ship raw rather than coated. This one is finished in simple wrinkle coat which looks great.

  • I like that
    Send me some pricing
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    edited August 2015
    clicked send about 3 seconds ago. Have a read. email me if you have any questions.

    We're also offering GAZ shocks and coilovers. Obviously there's a big difference between those and spring sets.
    I need to find out what AWD options are possible though.
  • argh
    Mike had a set of progrssive Eibach's but... I waited to long and they wouldn't be able to make it to me on time
    Might just have them sent to my dad and pick them up later this year in October when I see him again
  • Woke up this morning at 5:45am and got to work (Yay jetlag)

    Fuel pressure sensor replaced (looked original)
    Stock wideband O2 replaced (now using an NTK sensor instead of OEM bosch)
    Replaced the plugs (looked original as well) with some nice NGK v-power copper plugs
    Replaced the OMG dirty air filter
    Cleaned lots....

    Starts and idles massively better (and sounds better as well), the CEL also went out within about 2 seconds of starting it which gives me hope!
    Hopping it drives better

    Tomorrow morning (or possibly this evening) is going to be an oil change and cabin air filter time

    Going to save the suspension stuff until I get some springs in my hands

    Looked at pumaspeed intakes and I think it may be the way I go for an intake
    Was also looking at cams and other things from PUMA... easy way to spend $10k quickly...

    I did talk to my KTS rep and he has about 9 different coldside wheel options for the stock turbo
    Still considering the idea of a GT30R on the ATP manifold though...
  • Pos pulled a "reduced engine performance" on me today while on m4
    Would not rev above 1600rpm bit idled fine

    Restarted and it went away
    But for sure something is not quite right on it
    Especially around 2000rpm
    (surging or missing or something)

    Going to do the tcv on it tomorrow and see how that goes as well as plug it into Vida
    Also going to pull and clean the etm and look at the pcv just cause

    I did also stop at auto one and get
    12l of Hpr10
    2.5l of full syn 75w85 gl4 (m66 fluid)
    2.5l of full syn 75w90 gl5 (angle gear and rear diff)
    So by end of weekend all fluids will be super fresh
  • Tcv installed this am
    Total pita
    Would be massively easier on a non awd car

    Drives a little better but still the odd miss around 1800-2000rpm

    Time to clean the etm and check the pcv for sure
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    edited September 2015
    Did you use the IPD TCV?
    If so, it'll be the MAC as per Snabb, ARD and Pumaspeed.

    What was the issue? Just a case of no space?
  • Someone previously replaced the tcv and cut the hose from the compressor housing
    Replacing that hose without pulling the drive shaft is nay impossible
    So I ended up using a joiner and extending the hose

    The tcv is behind the turbo between it and the firewall just above the drive axle
    It's a utter pita compared to a p80
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