Volvo 240 windscreen replacement - trim

jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
Someone was going on about being able to replace the older 240 windscreens with a new one with nice flat rubber surround. Is that a thing that an auto glass guy can do? Or do I have to get the trim from Volvo first or something?



  • AFAIK you just order 91 onward glass and they bring the rest

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  • 240JoeJoe (@240Joe) Geelong, Victoria
    O'Brians had a generic black rubber in their van when I got some put in
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  • I think all replacements screens have the rubber surround now.
  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman (@volvodriverman) Barringwood Estate, Tasmania
    Also a certain era Commodore rubber works, I think Ash knows?
  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    Cheers for the info guys. Is there anything else I should look out for? Particular glass brands etc?

    The '81 currently has the big rubber boot with chrome strip, but it's all stretched and old, and the chrome is dented and dull, and being a white 240 I think it will look better anyway with just a plain black trim on it.

    @powder_hound this is about your car btw
  • I reckon it looks better than the chrome (at least on white) and the fact it actually seals is great.


  • iceton1975POM (MARK) (@iceton1975) Broadmeadows Victoria
    Shop around prices from $130 upwards, say your in the trade to get a discount ( Dont tell anyone), stay away from O brians try the smaller firms
  • I reckon it looks better than the chrome (at least on white) and the fact it actually seals is great.

    Agreed - and duly noted it fits 140s also. Where did you source yours?
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  • iceton1975POM (MARK) (@iceton1975) Broadmeadows Victoria
    National windscreens, but do shop around you can bounce prices off them to get a better deal
  • Not sure where @zzdhalla for it from. Was before my time.
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    vt-vx @ashdvs ?

    vt-vz should be fine. It's a strip so you'll have a join somewhere - looks a lot neater unless you want to retain the original style for aesthetic reasons (early cars where you may want to keep it original looking, etc)
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  • As fitted to my 242GT - Front Window Rubber Seal surround – UNI 4 (2006 VT Commodore etc) - It’s the widest mould available (spent time with installer looking thru catalogs), being wider than the original Volvo rubber - read covers up the line from the Volvo seal by a worthwhile amount – Note: To fit better into the Volvo window recess & also around corners, trim off with a blade the 2nd short rubber lip.
    (also think close is OZ CODE: OZ-137 (no actual pic) Oz Auto Moulds & Rubbers, Narre Warren VIC) The pic/icon on their logo represents the right shape.
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  • My apologies for bringing this thread back from the dead.....
    Is the VT commodore seal still the best way to go here?
    My Windscreen is fine, but the existing seal is lifting out in the corners so I would like to get it replaced.
    This is for a '92 240.

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