Volvo 740 Turbo Project

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Hey guys my names Shane I'm new to these forums I've owned my 1989 volvo 740 turbo wagon (8v) for just under 7 years now and recently blow a conrod through block so I've now purchased a new motor b230ft and half way through finishing the rebuild , so far its got new pistons , new head (530) , new valve stems and seals, new intake off a 760 , exhaust manifold with genuine volvo td05 -12b turbo , intercooler with 3" outlets , aftermarket radiator , 3" dump pipe , , oil catch can , thermo fans , soon to have new cam (bigger) , new exhaust , coil overs on the front lowered springs and shocks in the rear and new aftermarket ecu should go alright when done


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    when i first purchased the new motor
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    the old motor nearly ready to come out
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    ive tryed to keep it as tidy and as clean possible over the years
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    the old setup with motor before it blow
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    and this is where I'm up to so far just waiting on new parts to arrive such as new water pump , timing belt kit , gaskets , cam , intercooler and radiator
  • Epic introduction! Looks great, always love a good 740 Jurbo especially in wagon form.
    Any carnage pics form the conrods early exit?
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    it was a big blow out heres a pic of the holes beyond repair hah
  • its just below the oil filter
  • That is a pretty impressive hole.
  • yeah sure is done a good job
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    Wow. Ive never managed that even with a bigger turbo. Did you use a 740 b230ft or a later one with the thicker rods and oil squirters?

    Intake looks good. Even if its not necessary with a stock turbo and intercooler! have you replaced the injectors and fuel pump? Or was it a bad batch of 98 that caused the failure?

    What intercooler will you be fitting? And which aftermarket management?

    Did you do the coilovers yourself? I'm looking to start doing short strut coilovers myself with the summit coilover kit. What did you use?
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    the motor that blow apart was the one with smaller rods and no oil squirters and i still have no idea how it blow I'm guessing just ware n tare did have 500thou plus kms on it and was running high boost which doesn't help and its got 440cc bosch injectors and fuel pump is standard at the moment till i find cash to get better ,the intercooler I'm using is a PWR intercooler and hopefully be running a haltech ecu , what I've herd is the front coil overs for a bmw e36 will fit to the 740 platform with minor modifications i haven't installed coil overs as of yet still finding funds
  • the new motor i have is out of a volvo 940 with the thicker rods and oil squirters
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    When it was on road about 1 year ago
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    They aren't that weak with stock turbo. But the high kms would do it.and if the pump and filter is a bit worn and blocked. Ive never heard of the e36 coilovers fitting!

    Are you going with a custom made bolt in intercooler?

    A new stock Bosch turbo volvo pump is basically a 044. There isn't much of a need for bigger injectors with the stock turbo even running its max boost of about 15psi.
  • yeah you got a point there i needed new injectors so i thought of going bigger cause eventually will more work done such as bigger turbo plenium intake etc and its just a standard PWR intercooler
  • e36 coil overs are intriguing? hmmmmmm might have to pick up some from a mate to compare.
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    I'd not bother with a manifold. fit a bigger turbo. Your ecu is going to hate you either way as it is anyway being lh 2.2. you will have more issues with blowinh up gearboxes before you need a custom intake. Its not a restriction to these Engines For street cars.

    Where are you located?

    I doubt the e36 coilovers Fit. Guys in the states would have done it by now. And just checked. Nope. They are bolt uo to hub style while 740s are one peice strut and stub axle and hub.
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