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240 sway bars wanted

Looking to replace sway bars on my 83 gle , so if anyone has some lying around please let me know .
Get it back this week with a manual trans can't wait !


  • 240JoeJoe (@240Joe) Geelong, Victoria
    What size do you currently have?
  • No idea what ever was standard in 1983 I guess 19 I would like 22
  • 240JoeJoe (@240Joe) Geelong, Victoria
    I have lots of 21mm fronts but the fact that I have lots of them probably says that you'd have similar
  • I'll check when I get the car back
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    An '83 GLE is likely to have 21mm front and rear, but you should measure to confirm. You won't find any stock bars bigger than that. IPD make some really nice 25mm bars, but they're not for budget sensitive owners.

    Whiteline make bars for them I think, not sure what pricing is like, check their website.

    Falcon front bars can be adapted with some work.
  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman (@volvodriverman) Barringwood Estate, Tasmania
    Except for the gt sways in 23mm ;)
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    Yeah the 23mm GT bars exist, but he won't find any unless he's lucky, there aren't many GT's being wrecked, and some of the GT's had 21mm bars from new IIRC.
  • There is a 23 mm bar off a 240 turbo on us ebay for $70 just have to work out getting it here
  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman (@volvodriverman) Barringwood Estate, Tasmania
    Yeah they went 21 front & 23 rear in 79 the 23 front & 21 rear in 80 based on the 3 gt's I've had. That's not to say they haven't been messed with before hand of course!
  • Upgrade to a Falcon front and stick with a 21 rear (I went dual and found I had less traction in the rear so took it off)

    Cant beleive how long ago it was now but here is a basic guide I wrote on upgrading sway bars.

    I have change the way I do the D mounts to the chassis now. Its simpler to get the sway bar including bushes and brackets, slot the holes slightly in the brackets then space it off the chassis rail with a bit of 20mm tube. I can get pics and give more details if you want to go down the falcon sway bar route.
  • I have 4 falcon bars in stock at the moment
    100 inc mounting hardware if you pick it up from me in sydney

    Mounting can be done for 6 pack of cider
  • Bugger, Sydney
  • Where r u? Bruces delivery service might come to you soon
  • Melbourne , but now I'm after a new steering rack rack :( as mine just shat itself while the manual trans was being fitted so will have to check the funds next week .
    Are they 24 mm ?
  • Also

    Appears one could be delivered next weekend via Bruce postal service
  • This is an EF bar correct?
    If so then I have two of them in my yard........must not scrap!
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    el/ef is the same.
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    edited May 2015

    Have a read of what I encountered using the ford bar, Super cheap for a much thicker bar, not as stiff as youd assume a 27mm to be, does require slight modification of the bushings... but again, its ultra cheap! ($23 from Centre road wreckers Imlachs)

    Go with the EL bar if you can, newer cars with newer bars, use the stock shackles with modified bushings and youll be in for under $35 if you do it yourself

    Probably best to go with the 23mm GT rear bar if you can get it, not as rare as people say it is
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