91 940 fuel gauge into 89 740t wiring help ( disregard solution found)

Cj1992Camjames92 @Cj1992 Wollongong
edited November 2014 in Articles & Guides
Hey people just wondering if someone might be able to help shed some light on this subject , I got over the fact of not having a working fuel gauge and sender unit so I went to my local wreckers today (Dapto pick a part) and found a 91 940 so I removed the cluster and sending unit from that car , I'm at the stage now I have the sender unit installed and running the car. But being a 91 cluster its different to mine still a yazaki but I'm thinking of wiring the fuel gauge into a separate box that I have made up out of alloy I just wanted some help with the pins on this gauge I have worked out the reference, ground and battery but I still have the one up the top that says sensor im unsure where to wire this into or if to bridge it out.


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