Resurrect 1976 245

Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

Couldn't help myself, that or Icetons frenzied car buying has affected me....

1976 245 auto.

Fuel injection system is sitting in car , they were cleaning it out, car was to be a charity bash car but the shed PO rented was taken back by owner, he had lots of cars so sold and moved , kept what he could.

Sat in shed for many years it's still got rust. Motor , gearbox [3spd] was reco in prep for rally, bash but not stored right, motor a bit seized but turning fine now,I'll get a scope and look inside.

At moment I've got Angelo the retired mechanic on it, new wheel bearings , brakes fixed,usual service items for "stage 0" on motor including brake booster.

Need to find a back hatch....

At present it's getting it rolling and stopping, it may go to media blaster.

Some modifying, I don't want a car from 1976 so modern things for comfort will be added but still look old skool....

More pix to come.


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