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WTB R Green Injectors

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Hi All

Looking for a good set of used R green injectors.




  • No….should’ve wrote that. Thanks for the reminder.

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC
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    S60R and BA Falcon XR6T bosch 'green' injectors are both p/n: 0 280 155 968.

    So, in short, you could search for set of used XR6T injectors and find yourself with a spare.

    The caveat here, of course, is that there's going to be a heap of XR6T injectors, variations, genuine and rubbish out there, so you'll need to tread carefully picking up a set and double check things before handing cash over.

    1/ Check that they're green

    2/ Check they're genuine bosch (or Ford boxed Bosch)

    3/ Confirm part number is 0 280 155 968

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    I might just buy genuine new Bosch ones. Just thought someone here might have had a set they wanted to unload. I'd rather give my loot to forum members first.

  • Bought five from Rockauto for AU$296 delivered. Good price I reckon. These ones have the Volvo part number 9202100

  • i had four of these straight out of the box they all flowed identical according to spark plug readings. ran out of injector fairly quick on ethanol and now on 1000s.

    For the price its worth just buying new and having the peace of mind

  • ^ The ones I got are new genuine Bosch units. For $60 each delivered, its cheap insurance. I would imagine the Chinese clones for $20 would be hit and miss.

  • awesome, if you need the injector data for ecu ill be happy to pass that on to you

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