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1991 240 wagon Turbo

240wagsEric @240wags Forth, Tasmania

Hey. I have been here for a little while but I dont think I have shown my constantly evolving daily.

I grew up and learnt to drive in a 1980 245. It was brown with a brown interior. Lashings of chrome on the outside. Heaps of fond memories as kid, driving up and down the east coast and several Tassie trips in the 245. After 20 years of ownership my parents sold it. About 12 years later I had a desire to own my own 240 and bought my current 1991 240 wagon.

It was an original, automatic B230F.

In the few years of ownership it has been through a few changes. Now in its current state its a B230F Turbo 6 speed.

Quick run down of specs for those interested.

Original B230F rebuilt with Forged rods. N/A pistons.

Haltech Elite 1000 with Flex fuel sensor and Haltech wideband.

Haltech IC-7 dash

Genuine Holset HX30

KL racing T2 camshaft and plenum.

Nissan 350z 6 speed CD00X box and single piece tailshaft.

3:31 rear diff.

Enkei KM-1 wheels. Porsche spec. 16x8 & 16x7

BNE torque rods and quick steer roll correction.

Yoshifab CAS adapter, L98 coils, Genuine HKS SSQV, electronic boost controller, plus more.

Its no show car. Im still in the process of tidying up trim and the engine bay. I have done a very basic tune while I sort out bits and pieces. Im now at the stage where Im ready to get it professionally dyno tuned. Hopefully In a month. I drive the 240 everyday to and from work and It doesnt miss a beat :)



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