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240 240 soft brake pedal but strong braking force

Replaced the brake booster on my 240 and it’s causing a weird issue with the pedal feeling.

The pedal is strangely soft but the braking force is really strong

I’ve made sure the push rod is adjusted correctly and I didn’t disconnect any brake lines in the process so I’m under the assumption that I don’t need to bleed the brake lines.

any ideas?



  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    How much travel does the pedal have?

    Are you sure that it isn’t just the booster working properly for the first time?

    My old 760T had a stupidly long, soft brake pedal. The PO had replaced the master cylinder trying to fix it, but it made no difference - while the pedal was long, you only noticed it when you were stopped: it had already stopped before it was noticeable when you were driving.

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