volvo xc60 DEM repair in australia


i have a 2012 volvo xc60 and have FAULT CODES for all wheel drive service required - volvo have diagosed DEM and haldex pump need replacing and i have read from international volvo forums that companies like Xemodex in US and volvo diagnostics in the UK can rebuild the DEM much cheaper than the new part that are approx $2500 and pump $1100

But my question is does anyone know of anybody in Australia that does this service to the DEM .




  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Ask Berry Motor Group as they have people but the pump can be had from FCP EURO, the cover is the brain and they have that too.

  • Interesting that it would need both the pump and the DEM

    Some of the XC60 gen4 DEMs have circuit board issues that can't be repaired. Would help if you knew the fault codes

    I don't know of anyone in Australia that repairs them

  • thanks for reply guys

    from what i understand from some research that if pump service hasnt been done the pump can fail causing DEM to blow

    when i had the error come up i did change oil and cleaned filter as it had fair bit of glug around it to hope fix issue but it didnt

    the fault codes i got are

    Volvo Dealer code 9032 , from my scan tool maxi ecu - 188971

    thanks brad

  • If that's the only fault code I would lean towards it just needing a new pump +filter.

    You should test the pump

    Here's a xemodex flow chart for diagnostics

    And haldex repair UK have a good diagnostic page.

  • Hey Tim

    Thanks for the info mate ,interesting reading ,some of it is above my skill set ! but i do like to learn new skills to fix things

    I was thinking of doing a test on the pump when i go to start to pull the parts off as my wifes car will be out of action once i pull the pump and DEM off so i was interested in seeing if someone in Aus repairs them so i have a plan on what to do .

    And i dont really trust the volvo dealership with there diagnostics either they charged me $450 to do the ECU SCAN and reckon it took like 3hrs to diagnose and then wouldnt give me any paperwork of fault codes ,

    Thanks again Brad

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I would ask for your money back.

    That is ridiculous.

    Report them to the industry ombudsman.

  • okay guys

    i have done some investigating on DEM

    Disconnected pump and connected 12 v pump ran maybe seemed bit noisy but maybe normal

    checked fuse to DEM -fuse was blown

    replaced fuse started car but not driven fuse still intact this is with pump still disconnected , which this may mean the pump blew fuse ,but pump is running on 12 v

    removed DEM and looks clean no water ingress and all terminal look clean no sign of anything blown

    so do i connect pump with new fuse intact and risk possible damage to DEM and see if fault goes

    thanks heaps for any info


  • Have you got a multimeter to test the ohms reading at the pump connector? Good pump should be 5-8ohms if it's higher than that then it's likely that it's just a faulty pump causing the fuse to blow

  • yes i have i check now thanks

    okay iam no expert with the multi - it went to 6 but stabilized on 4

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