240 Windscreen for a Volvo 240 in Sydney

Hello brains trust,

Having tackled most of the remaining work to get my recently acquired 240 through rego I'm now down to just getting a new windscreen fitted. I've called around a few local installers and so far nobody is willing to work with an old Volvo or able to supply a windscreen for one!

Hoping anyone here has advice on who else I should ring up in 2022 for a windscreen. I haven't gotten around to calling obriens yet but thought I'd ask first if anyone has any go-tos (who are still in business).

Cheers all


  • I have a good used windscreen

    What year is your 240

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    I've installed one from Autoglasswarehouse.com.au on my 79 245...I bought the one from a 1991-93 240 that's listed as "with cowl retainer" which really means it has the black trim installed on the glass already. With this design, it eliminates all the stupid plastic clips and aluminium trim with shrunken rubber strip that's usually found on the mid-80s 240s. If you're happy with a black rubber lip that sits quite flush, it could be the way to go for you. I installed it myself, but a competent glass shop should be able to do it. The key is to remove ALL of the old butyl (sticky non-hardening sealant) from the body, and install the new screen with modern urethane adhesive/sealant.

    Link below - I notice it says "very low stock" for the 91-93 style.

  • Hi Greg, thanks for the link - actually stumbled upon that myself shortly after posting! Good to hear somebody else has bought from them too. I was wondering what the 'with cowl retainer' meant so thank you for explaining what that was about. Fairly well priced, I think that might definitely be the way to go as well.

    I did come across old posts on this forum about buying the later windscreen without the chrome bezel which I don't mind losing, whatever's better and gives a better result is fine by me.

    Happy to give it a go myself but never done it before; I'll look into what's involved in getting glass out in the first place and try to at least do the prep work then have a mobile guy come out and fit it for me.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Great! Yes, I'd highly recommend pulling the old screen out yourself and cleaning everything...then get somebody to install the new screen. The professionals are a lot better at knowing how much urethane to run around the glass/body and how to hold it in place while the urethane cures. When you pull the glass out, be sure to look for the 2 small drain holes that sit in the bottom corners of the body windscreen opening - make sure they're clear and make sure they don't get blocked with the new sealant. They allow any water that gets behind the rubber trim lip to drain out helping prevent corrosion.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    I got the details of the guy who did mine a couple weeks back, he did a good job.

  • @jamesinc - great to hear - did he supply the screen too or did you already have one ready to go? Might give him a call tomorrow and have a chat.

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