240 1989 245 Rusty fuel Tank

Hi Every one

Recently I removed the in tank fuel pump and discovered a very rusty fuel tank, has anyone had much luck in cleaning these without having to remove the tank? This has an internal baffle where the pump sits, the reason I wanted to check out the pump was I suspected I had a dirty sock filter to deal with but to my horror the sock filter had disintegrated and had been this way for a long time and I presume it had been sucking up dirty fuel for a long time. I have cleaned the Pump the rust was on the surface and came off easily. I have removed all fuel from tank and am thinking of using a pressure washer .

Any advice welcome



  • There is only one way to do this correctly without replacing the tank

    1. Remove the tank
    2. Hire a radiator repair shop to chemically clean the tank (boil out the rust) and as long as the rust hasn't caused holes you'll be fine
    3. In most cases this is cheaper than buying a new tank, if you can find one
  • lv740Lupco @lv740 Melbourne

    Thanks Ramrod, sounds like great advise, I will do a ring around Monday, I was hoping to avoid taking the tank out but I think it’s the best way

  • Ramrod suggests exactly what I did, when I found myself in the same situation you're in.

    The radiator guy here in LST professionally cleaned out my 240 tank and treated it, for $350.

    It was either that, or order a new one from Skandix for about $650 AUD + freight.

    Pulling the tank isn't particularly difficult, just cumbersome - it's seven 14mm bolts and some faffing about with the clamp seal and inlet pipe. You can do it solo but two people can do it very quickly.

  • lv740Lupco @lv740 Melbourne

    Thanks Captain Ledfoot

    i’ll do a ring around on Monday

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