850 AWD Rebuild thread/documentation

Hello, about a year ago I bought a 850 AWD with crash damage, they are quite rare, so i figured id share the rebuild process getting it back on the road, maybe the next owner, or someone in a few years will find the documentation useful, ill post photos of the damage and repair, and recent updates.



  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater WA

    Sounds good, looking forward to the thread.

  • Timeline:

    March 2021-March 2022 (first year): Bought car on auction, damage to front right, minor damage to the corner of the chassis, needed new indicator, fender, bumper foam+alloy, and front Plastic mounting frame for headlights and bonnet latch. Bumper plastic was damage, but was able to sufficiently repair using zip tie stitches. Found the FR control arm to be bent, replaced with a 4 bolt style control arm. Bought 4 new tires, repaired some interior trim, and broke some aswell.

    April 2022: Took car to volvo dealer, replaced clutch (about 170k km), mechanics found the angle gear and transfer case were buggered, replaced with used ones off a v70 xc. On the way to the dealer, a problem with steering was discovered, (the steering wheel was difficult to turn right), suspected damage to the shock absorber, or steering rack.

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