Sachs struts and shock absorbers

What are good shock and spring combos for historic road use?

I’m thinking of using Sachs shocks with standard height King springs.

I’ve used King springs on other historic and daily drives, but I don’t have any experience with Sachs.

I’m looking for relaxed cruiser, not crazy arse racer handling, so would appreciate related opinions please.


  • Factory springs and bilstein touring (b4) or Sachs shocks are pretty good

    The main thing with them is an upgrade in the sway bars, 25mm front and factory stock rear

  • I’m tempted to save money and keep the factory springs. But they’ve been holding up 1.8 tonnes for 32 years now, it is likely they might need a rest 😅

  • I'm not happy with the Kings I have the 140. They were nice when they were new, but with them being on the car 3 years now they're not doing a nice job anymore. Sachs shocks touring on the rear Monroe GT gas shocks on the front worked well for me, but it was a case of using whatever I could get at the time. I will be replacing the Kings Springs at some stage with Lesjeförs springs, which are made to Volvo R-sport spec.

  • The Lesjeförs springs are an amazing option, they are progressive rate which is turned for the 740 platform

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