Brake choices for historic cruiser usage

I had a look for threads on brakes and found discussions from 2016, so I thought I’d start a new one to see if things have changed much.

When I bought my 740, it came with a small collection of various parts including Volvo brake pads.

These are made in India. Does anyone have experience with these? Good and bad?

If I were to use these at the time of the brake overhaul, what rotors would best suit them?

The car will only perform normal road use, ie: weekend cruises, show and shine occasional weekends away etc etc. So I’m not looking for track use braking performance.

There are considerable choices of rotors available for the 740 on line and even Brembo rotors don’t seem too expensive.

What do people have to say?


  • What year is your 740?

    My general recommendation for excellent feel and performance and value is rda rotors and bendix euro plus pads

  • I’m particularly interested to hear from anyone that uses the genuine Volvo brake pads.

    They came with the car, so I’d be silly not to consider using them if they get good reviews.

    But like all brakes, matching them to the right rotors can make all the difference!

  • i have used genuine pads on a240, likely the same compound. They are super dusty and create a rear mess of the wheels. They alao stop fine.

    Pretty sure the brembo rotors are oem. i use genuine rotors which are affordable.

    As you have the pads just try them. if they do not suit your needs a new set of pads is simple to swap in.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    I use genuine Volvo pads, they're good, they are reasonably priced and never squeal.

    I agree about brake dust but am yet to find good pads that don't do that, the Euro+ pads are no better for dust (also a good pad FWIW)

  • What rotors do you use with the Volvo pads?

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Volvo OE rotors are good, RDA rotors are good, Brembo rotors are good, uhhhhhh DBA rotors if they're still a thing.

    Honestly for "historic cruiser" applications I would buy whatever rotor is most convenient, e.g. my own historic cruiser has Brembo solid rotors all around that are about 10% worn and 8 years old, because the car isn't used daily.

  • Great thanks. I was thinking Brembo rotors, I’m probably only ever going to need to do them once, so I wanted to make sure the Volvo pads are a good match.

    But if you’ve been using them for 8 years with Brembo rotors, that sounds okay to me.


  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Yeah, actually, on my club car, I use Brembo rotors and Volvo pads. If you're in the market, I used DVS Performance Parts to source me all the parts for brake refurb. You'll have to check with @AshDVS but I think Oz Volvo members can get a discount.

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