240 stalling/hard start

Hey gang.

Recently my 1986 240 has started having the occasional hard start, and after 5min or so will lose all power then stall out. Car will then crank but wont turn over. If I leave it for 5-10min it will randomly turn over again and then drive fine the whole way home.

Pulled AFM when it happened to see if would start in limp mode but no luck, pulled fuel relay and looks ok, also can hear pumps priming/cycling ok. It seems to happen right as car starts to get up to temp.

Pulled dizzy cap and there seemed to be a small build up but dont really know what to look for in regards to dizzy and i cleared it with a brush

Any ideas? Should mention car is lh2.2 as well.

Any help greatly appreciated!


  • Could be crank angle sensor if LH2.2 has one. Also check the plug for the MAF. The insulation shrinks and allows moisture which corrodes the contacts. I had a very similar issue on my 89 245 and it was this. I cleaned up the contacts on both the plug and MAF and that was that. You may also need to consider the ECU and EZK modules too. The pink stickered ones are known to be unreliable and often get swapped out for the black label models. But again this may only apply to LH2.4.

  • Yes to above but I will mention to apply the KISS principle in this case,

    How confident are you in the fuel pump relay? That's the cause of classic dry solder joint type heat related stalling

    Eliminate it as the cause, repair it (after locating said dry joints) then move onto other simple basics

  • RoinikIan @Roinik Mount Gambier, SA.

    Yep, like Ramrod says:

    #1: Fuel pump relay.

    #2: Chrysler ignition system.

    #3: Corroded fuses (requires turning the fuses in the holders).

  • It does look a bit hot in the light hey

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