Hi, just returning to 2 series ownership

Just picked up a 89 240 GL with a 5 speed manual.

Blown head gasket so

the head is in being flatened and shaved, and getting the valves done while its there.

Hoping to build her up to a nice weekend drive car.

Current ficus is to fine tune flow into and out of the engin, then upgrade the cam.

Then move on to the ride and the wheel and rubber.

Plenty to do, looking forward to you advice on pitfalls and lesson learned along the way.

My first car back in the early 8ies was a 164e, followed by a 244dl, later a 164te and for the kids to learn in a 850.

Anyone have any upgrade parts to suit a 230f they are looking to move on, im interested.




  • Before doing anything, go through the car and change ALL of the fluids, seals, belts, hoses and gaskets

    Your car desperately needs it

  • RoinikIan @Roinik Mount Gambier, SA.

    I'd be removing the water pump and flushing the rust from the block too.

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