[VIC] Shed clearout - 740/940 Parts for free or cheap- AW71, 4.10 diff, Intercooler, Bilsteins, etc

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Got a number of items for free or for sale.

Location: Traralgon, VIC

PLEASE NOTE: All Items are PICK UP ONLY. I currently have very little time on my hands so for most of it, if they can’t be picked up they’ll most likely be binned in a month or so.

COVID Notice: Will endeavour to make transactions contactless for pickup as well via Osko/PayID payment, if payment is required.


Table of contents:

Item 1 - AW71 out of ’91 940 Turbo - $FREE

Item 2 - 4.10 diff with blown centre - $FREE

Item 3 - Bilstein B4 shocks to suit 940 - $250 - SOLD

Item 4 - Aircon parts from ’91 940 turbo - $50

Item 5 - Aircon condenser from ’93 940 - $FREE

Item 6 - Early 940 Radiator, shroud and fan including clutch centre - $30

Item 7 - 740 or Early 940 Intercooler - $50 - SOLD

Item 8 - Set of 4 hubcaps from 850/S70/V70? - $20

Item 9 - Set of 3 hubcaps from 940? - $5


Item 11 - Trans cooler for auto box - $30 or $FREE if included with Item 1, 2 and 10

Item 12 - LH2.4 Dual-Mass Flywheel - $withdrawn - apologies


Item 1: AW71 out of ’91 940 Turbo

Car had ~160k on the clock. Never tested personally but was working ’til I removed it from the car as far as I’m aware. Most of the linkages are still attached (not an auto guy)

$FREE with condition that rear axle (Item 2) goes with it


Item 2 - 4.10 diff with blown centre

Came out of the shell I bought a few years back. Centre exploded and made a nice hole in the diff cover. Might be useful for parts (axles, crown wheels maybe?) but I’m not a diff guy.

$FREE with the condition that transmission (Item 1) goes with it


Item 3 - Bilstein B4 shocks to suit 940

Set of shocks in almost-new condition, purchased from James a while back when I bought his shell (see this other thread) and apparently only had 20km on them but I never ended up using them.

Fronts are inserts and rears are full bolt in shock with eyelets either end.

Bilstein Part numbers are:

PNE-3054 (Fronts)

BNE-1988 (Rears)

OE direct replacements.

$250 for rears and fronts - not separating sorry - SOLD


Item 4 - Aircon parts from ’91 940 turbo

Had the intention of fitting this to my ’93 model car ’til I realised I should fit the later model parts to make my life easier. Comes with:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser (in fair condition - typical damage for condenser in car of this age)
  • Hard Lines to go from condenser to accumulator

Not gonna say with 100% certainty but this would probably suit 740 as well. Note: Haven't tested any of these parts so can't guarantee it, but was again off the '91 940 with 160k on the odo.

$50 for the lot OBO


Item 5 - Aircon condenser from ’93 940

Pulled from car to get the pressure sensors off so they’re not included, but the condenser itself looks to be in okay condition.



Item 6 - Early 940 Radiator, shroud and fan including clutch centre

Top barb on radiator has damage so might be useful for the stuff attached to the tanks (thermostat? fittings, etc.). Shroud has some minor cracking around one of the screw points also (see photo).

$30 for the lot


Item 7 - 740 or Early 940 Intercooler

Standard intercooler for either 740 or early 940. Pulled from ’91 940 and in good condition.

$50 - SOLD


Item 8 - Set of 4 hubcaps from 850/S70/V70?

Don’t exactly know what these were off, but they’re in average condition but appear to be intact

$20 for the set of 4 OBO


Item 9 - Set of 3 hubcaps from 940?

Not great condition but they look mint from about 50 meters away. ;)

$5 for all 3 OBO (that's like $1.66 each yo!)



Almost exclusively 940 stuff that Includes but is not limited to:

  • Throttle cable (avg to poor cond)
  • Front torque rods
  • Front and rear brake callipers
  • Bonnet hinges in lovely burgundy
  • 2x used water pumps (one Volvo branded)
  • ABS unit
  • Automatic brake pedal and box
  • Harmonic balancer/pulley
  • Panhard bar
  • LH and RH headlight wiper motors (might suit 960 and maybe 940S?)
  • LH2.4 Auto Flex plate

May add more items (and possibly, but very unlikely remove items also).

No guarantees on this stuff as I've not tested any of it. Not splitting any of it. Take it all as one plz :)

$FREE on condition you take the AW71 and rear axle ;) 


Item 11 - Trans cooler for auto box

Auto trans cooler with hard lines still attached. Came out of '91 940 but may suit earlier 740s too.

Volvo Part number is 1378342

$30 or FREE if you take the auto box (Item 1) with it


Item 12 - LH2.4 Dual-mass Flywheel

This came out of a UK delivered 1998 940 Celebration that had an M90 attached to it and was the standard fitment for that car. I went with a different flywheel so never used it, but it worked fine until the car was parked up then parted out.

$withdrawn - apologies!



  • hey mate, im local and would liek to grab the i/c and if you let me the boost pipes in your random box. im morwell so can grab any time

  • No worries, and since you're the first to enquire I'll chuck the hoses in with it. I'm not 100% certain that they're the right ones but I know by eye that at least one of them is for that era intercooler, if not two of the 3 I have to include.

    Will DM you.

  • Bump. Updated post to include Item 11 - Auto trans cooler.

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    • Item 7 - Intercooler has been SOLD
    • Adding new item - Item 12 - LH2.4 Dual-mass flywheel - withdrawn - apologies
  • @deNs - I'm really interested in that set of Bilsteins, but it's understood you don't have time to do post office runs. Trying to work out a plan with Bruce Logistics to see if a pick-up is possible.

  • Hey mate, I got a PM with interest in the Bilsteins so they're currently spoken for but if that falls through for whatever reason, you're next in line.

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    • Item 3 - Bilstein B4 shocks to suit 940 - SOLD

    Feel free to make an offer on anything that has a pricetag :) I'd rather this stuff would become spares in someone else's garage stash than sending them to Sims metal..

  • I've got a skip arriving tomorrow, and will be taking a trip to sims metal for other things as well as whatever hasn't gone from here that I don't plan on keeping. That includes things like the AW71, the diff, the box of random stuff, etc.

    If you're thinking you want something but are holding off for whatever reason, please tell me before it goes in the bin ;) I can hold onto stuff for a reasonable amount of time (a month or so) if you really want something but can't pick up immediately.

  • irishbastardDarc @irishbastard Melbourne, victoria

    Interested in buying the M90 flywheel if still available

    kind regards

  • Hey Darc, apologies - have had a change of plans with the flywheel is no longer up for sale.

  • This thread can now be closed. Anything listed has either been sold, thrown out or is no longer for sale. Thanks all.

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