240 Help, Tacho not working after taking out cluster and re-installing

Hey all,

I recently decided to take out my cluster and swap over the face plates from a donor cluster that was in a near mint condition but was busted and from a different year model(completely different circuit board on back). So I did the swap (I followed Volvo Dave's guide online on how to take it all apart) and I've put it all back in the car with all the wires in the correct places (not the first time I have taken it out and put it back it with no issues before hand). But now the rev guage just doesn't work at all, I've double checked that all of the wires are back in the right spot and jiggled them around to no effect. Would any of you guys have any clue as to why it's decided to stop all of a sudden.

Any help at all will be appreciated

Car is a 92 auto 240


  • Dry solder joint

    Re-flow them and re-test

  • And if that doesn't work, there's a possibility that an electrolytic cap has failed on the tacho's PCB.

    Big Red The 1985 240 had a dead tacho because of this. See Cleanflametrap's pages and article on Turbobricks about replacing these caps.

    A third possibility is a damaged PCB track on the cluster's circuit board - this has been known to happen when there's been a short circuit to ground, and the foil track on the circuit board acts like a fusible link.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Do you want a trip meter reset button? I think I have a few floating around

  • Nah I'm good thanks James, just took the picture before I chucked it back on 😅

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