[SOLD] 1985 240GL - Gold- Manual Sedan- 6 Months Rego - $5200

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Hi all, a long-time reader of info (thanks) not many posts -also listed this on car sales (https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/volvo-240-1985/sse-ad-7270798/) which has video of cold start... I bought this to do a barra conversion with my son as a project - we bought all the barra running gear etc... and then he had to have a wagon - which kind of made me happy because this was a bit too well preserved to do a barra swap - so while waiting to find the right wagon we had some great moments getting all the niggly little stuff (got rid of the failure circuit boards in tail lights for instance - all led's individually wired up now) replaced engine wiring harnesses etc and the major stuff was more a this is what this bolt does son type of thing and great fun times leading up to the major stuff on his wagon.

Put in a new clutch while we had the motor out, took the head off had all the valve seats and seals done... cleaned and painted the block new seals etc and all the stuff you can get to easily with it out...new exhaust, gearbox wiring loom and senders for the overdrive, etc etc etc... ball joints, front suspension (including top strut bearings). Had it professionally window tinted,

Has LPG fitted and not out of date - but we never ran it on the gas. We have a hoist so can lift it up for you to have a good look around for the non-existent rust :)

Only asking a bit under what we have spent so Mum doesn't beat us to death.... legit Kays of 309K (because it works! lol)

0438 300 262 or robertw@idmglobalgroup.com

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