240 Volvo 240 prices $$$

Hi all

I have a 82 244GL with 53000km I bought it from a estate sale from where it sat in a garage for around 5 years it was a non starter when I bought it. I have replaced the fuel tank pump and sender removed the injection set up and cleaned and refitted it new seals on the injectors it back together to the point that I have to fit new vacuum hose and start it up. The interior is blue cloth in very good condition the biggest let down is the car has surface rust for sitting in a garage to close to the coast.

I have lost interest in this car and I would like to move it on

Any ideas on what $$$ to put on it to sell


  • @AussieVolvo are you just trying to get back what it owes you or are you trying to work out the maximum likely market value?

    Rusty examples of 240s rarely exceed $500, however lots of photos and detailed description of mechanicals would help clarify this. Location sometimes plays a part too.

  • Agreed, the rust isn't helping things but the low km's is cool.

    Manual or auto?

  • Hi all

    It a auto the rust is minimal spot surface rust. I will have to pull it out of the garage and wash it this weekend

    The car is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Yeah pictures tell a thousand words in these cases. The mileage will be desirable for some but it'll come down to what stands between the car as-is and a genuinely immaculate example.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    There's a lot of variables in here - manual vs auto, running properly vs running vs not running, laid up for decades vs tyres still recognisable as rubber, how good/bad the paint looks, etc etc.

    Worst case is $500. Best case is somewhere up near $10k, but I am guessing that it will actually be more like a $3k car.

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