S/V40 Instrument illumination S40 1997 t4

I have a problem with my instrument lights.During night running they are not too bad,but daylight running I can barely see the speedo and all other instuments are unreadable. Ihave bypassed the dimmer rheostat with no result.Can anybody shed a light(sic) on this problem?Thanks in advance.


  • I thought during the day the sun would be enough to light up the cluster

  • The sun does not shine on the cluster

  • Perhaps you should take a picture of the problem you're having

    It would make it easier to understand what's happening

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    edited June 20

    Being rude , have you had eyes tested? I know i cant see/delineate my V60 "chronometer" style cluster in daytime and night isnt great either but its my eyes being damaged by too many years looking at a little light while welding with TIG and even that is an issue now....

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