WTB - Fuel/Temp 140 GT Dash Gauges


I'm searching for both fuel and temp gauges for my 140 GT Dash, if anybody might have a spare set ?



  • dmmDane @dmm Port Melbourne

    Hi Phil,

    Assuming you mean pre ‘73 style, unfortunately I no longer have spares but John Johnson at Voldat might.

    Or maybe try Roger Patricio in Florida if not already rp242t@aol.com

    Not many seem to be in circulation of late.

    Good luck

  • I might just connect the dash as is - it might a challenge as mentioned. Thanks

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Might be able to find some new chrome-rimmed aftermarket eg. VDO gauges that would look better than those two you have in there and probably not too expensive. Just a thought. I have a gauge cluster (complete) but I’ve been saving it to put in my 68 145 “some day”...

  • What happened to the originals?

  • No idea - This is how I bought it.

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