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Irvine the 245L+T

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Ok so looks like the photos have all disappeared so I figured this will be a good time to update the thread.

Ill start off with an introduction to the car. We have had this 245 since about 2013. We picked it up for free from some lady in the Blue Mountains. Rachael, my partner, drove it for about two years in its stock form. Lots of things went wrong but it was an overall good experience. We used it as a daily driver and it was a huge help when we moved out to Griffith for one year. We also went on a fair few weekends away with it.

A few pics of what the car looked like when we first got it and how it looks now:

Anyways she decided that she would like to join the turbo bandwagon so we sought out an engine. Not wanting to lose the "gritty" nature of the B21 we opted for a B23ET. We both agreed that installing a B230 would steralize the car too much. Nathan had one sitting underneath a pine tree that he was keen to move on. So I picked it up and brought it home. From there we tore it down and started the rebuild.


As you can see it was pretty rough. That being said it cleaned up pretty well and only needed a light hone to get the cylinders looking nice again. Then it was a matter of installing new bearings, rings and seals.


After getting the engine mostly sorted it was then time to start working on the wiring harness. I have to say that this was easier than expected and was made much easier by having the stock wiring diagrams of both the Kjet and LH2.4 available. I didnt take a whole lot of photos in this stage. Basically I took this and put it into the car.


At this point we were going quite well but then the V70 that we had at the time ate a gearbox. It then went from a nice slowish project to a race against time to get a car on the road. So then we manned the panic stations and turned the project up to 11. Then the engine came out and the new one went in.


Things like the oil feed and drain were rushed and the wiring that wasnt done properly was stuffed behind the dash. That being said when we turned the key it fired up the first time!

Thats a pretty basic introduction to Irvine the 245L+T.



  • A_Volvo_DriverScott @A_Volvo_Driver Victoria, The Revenue State
    A twin-can, 750cc engine? Lol
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    More photos , needs more.
    Ethanol cam!
  • .
  • looking good buddy. Will be a fine runner once done.
  • How bad is the turbo? If it's rebuildable I'll take it, assuming it's a 42/48 T3.
  • Turbo is fuct. Idk what kind of trim it is. I can bring it to Parkes if you want?
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    So it looks like this project is back on the cards. Due to the V70 dying way back last year the whole thing got rushed and put together basically overnight resulting in it never being done properly. It works but it doesnt work like it should so we decided to have another crack at it. This time we have a much better garage and have a proper plan of attack as opposed to "turbo it". Today we started by stripping the engine harness for another going over and the fenders to allow us to repaint it satin black in the bay as well as cut holes for the wire tuck. I'll try to update this more regularly than before. Here are some pics from today.

    Starting to pull it apart

    Fits better in this garage

    Eww dirty boy!
  • Looking good young man! So u pulling the engine out?
  • Yeh the engine will be coming out for the painting and to go over it again properly. I will also get the original 405 head and T3 reconditioned to replace the 530 and 16t that's on there now. They fit but they are a bit of a hack job.
  • Time for some ball bearing love and Super 60 cold side for the T3?
  • Probably just get the OG t3 working and see where we go with it.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Why go backwards with the head and turbo? Though a t3 should be bigger.
  • The holes don't line up correctly with the B23 for the timing case. I want to run the OG b23et as it would have been standard. Having hack jobs isn't really the aim of this
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Unsure how its a hack job. They fitted 531 heads to older cars from volvo as needed...
  • The timing case doesn't fit properly and the valve cover needed with the rear cover doesn't fit a 530.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    They are just a plastic cover no? Oh. B23 were different and steel right? Still seems annoying to reco a head and such.
  • Yeh the b230 is the two piece plastic one and the b23 is the one piece steel or plastic. Id just rather it look right instead of have bits missing etc. The 530 on it now isn't anything special so I don't mind shelving it.
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    Today I put another 2 hours into it to pull out the dash and the LH harness for a re-do. I plan on fitting a nice pre 81 dash and rebuilding the LH harness with nice connectors instead of the poo poo ones I used from supercheap auto. I also had a peek into the turbo to see what its like and its not looking like it will be a suitable candidate for a rebuild. Its pretty damn shagged with a few stripped bolts and just being in general massive disrepair. I will have to have a look into mitsubishi options again if im not able to find a suitable garret replacement. Anyway here are some pics!

  • Happy to put the turbo through the bead blaster if you want to see how much it can be cleaned up
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