850 Why does my turbo look like it's made of cowhide?

nut3yNutmeg @nut3y Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Nothing wrong with it, just curious as to what makes it look so weird.


  • Looks like coked on oil or blow-by gases. Check your PCV system is working properly.

  • nut3yNutmeg @nut3y Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    PCV has been replaced and all the oil passages cleared. It still fails the glove test but not enough pressure to push the dipstick. I drive around with the dipstick popped anyway to prevent blowing out any seals. The PCV hoses that came off were completely blocked so probably a result from then.

    That is interesting though, does the compressor wheel get hot enough to coke oil?

  • @nut3y i found when I did a glove test with my old style dipstick that didn't seal the glove inflated a bit and when I change to a new dipstick that sealed on the tube the glove actually sucked in so the PCV actually works better with a sealed dipstick.

    I was like you when I changed all the pcv stuff hoses and flame trap I left the dipstick to let pressure out. But now as I recently changed the dipstick the system function better.

  • nut3yNutmeg @nut3y Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    The seal on the dipstick seems pretty good, i'll do the glove test with my thumb over dipstick tube next time but i think the engine just has too much blow-by.

  • It's the pcv closed loop system. If you change to a vent to atmosphere system. It wouldn't look like that.

    Your passing vaporised oil and exhaust waste through your intake.

    Not really bad just a factory emissions thing....

  • Also grab a walbro 450, just in case you decide to run e85..

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    My simultaneously obvious and badly stretched joke for the day:

    Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

  • Wow, took me abit. Was thinking 'how is limp bizkit related at all?'

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