M56 gear box or conversion kit to suit P80

Hi all I am just seeing what people have and are willing to part with I am after a M56 5 speed as I think I will need to start piecing together parts for a manual swap or if somebody already has a conversion kit. I already have some bits and pieces and have to be happy to ship to WA



  • Mark Iceton @Berry motor will probably have everything you need and will ship, or you could just put another auto back in easily

  • Cheers Jimbo I want to price it up the engine and box is most likely going to have to come out even if its just punched a whole in the torque Conv and I don't know how readily available they are. I will find out more in the next few days.

    i have half a conversion kit already i just need a gear box clutch and a flywheel and sundries.i already have an man ecu, pedals shifter and cables slave cyl master cyl and lines ect

  • Are you on FB? I know Mark Richardson has an 850R engine, he owns a Volvo garage

  • Nah no FB but my partner has it so she can look up pages and people for me tho

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    See is an M66 six speed is available, a much better box.

  • I am happy to swap over to m66 later on I would prefer something that bolts in first. I don't have access to anything to make custom mounts or brackets ect and don't want it to be a 3 month + turn around

  • Marks details mate

  • Thanks Jimbo I will make some enquiring phone calls tomorrow I got caught up today👍 thanks for all your help

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