240 Exhaust: over vs. under the axle?

I've had an exhaust from the cat back sitting in my garage for years, and decided to use it on my '92 wagon. When I laid it out today I realised that the pipe passes over the axle -- between the chassis and the axle. Both my 240s have pipes that pass under the axle. Before I remove the old one, are they interchangeable? It looks like they might be, but I don't want to find out the hard way...

Cheers, David


  • Klaptrap24Kevin @Klaptrap24 Sydney, NSW

    coulda sworn all 240s came with over-axle exhausts from factory

  • Over axle and under axle are interchangable. The mounting points are off the front and rear mufflers, nothing in between, hence the route between the mufflers doesnt matter.

    Only catch may be if the cat mounting flange style/position is varied.

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    Make sure the diff housing doesn't hit the under-axle exhaust at full droop. I have seen a few of them hit - seems to be an unfortunate combination of non-genuine shocks and possibly sub-optimal exhaust design. Possibly some of the taller spring options also contributing,

    I have also seen the diff hit the over-axle exhaust on lowered cars too, so...

  • Thanks all. I will have a close look at the cat mounting to see if it has been cut shorter or replaced with a different diameter pipe. The heat shield is missing from the cat, so non-standard parts are certainly a possibility.

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