S/V/C70 Plagued transmission issues

I’m wandering can anyone give insight on these ‘well known’ transmission issues that plagued the Volvo V70? I’ve heard it from a few people but I’ve only just bought mine when I found out about it.

im wandering what are the symptoms people experience and if there was any resolution. I’ve got a 2001 V70 that I will be getting software updates from shortly (this Volvo never saw a dealer in its life so no updates).

ive had issues twice now in the last month where it’s got stuck in 3rd gear it seems as it revs very high to go nowhere. Reverse works fine. After I clear the codes the car is fine again. The only code is 530B - Transmission Control Module - Signal Missing.

im just wandering if this is one of the known symptoms or if this could be another cheaper fix (well cheaper than a new transmission)


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    dealer charges way too much.

  • What you're experiencing is limp home mode, many faults set this mode so it doesn't necessarily mean trouble with the transmission

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    You are up against the fact that you should never buy this variation of XC70 as ALL the gearboxes are junk even when new and IF they lasted a while the owner was very lucky.

    There is a rebuild kit from USA BUT FOR ALL THAT IT COSTS YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER BUYING ( SORRY FOR CAPS , ) a 209/10/11/ etc car as the cost to fix a really old Volvo is not worth it unless you do ALL the work yourself.

    Really , sell it.

    If it is running real well when you cancel codes then sell it and get a later model variant , XC70 3.2 litre last for easily 500,000 kilometres , my mate has one and still going well and looking good and much more safety than the one you have.

  • Excuse for sounding dumb but I thought it was different to limp mode. I’ve had limp mode in a Subaru of mine before and you still had power but only 1st and 2nd gear pretty much so you could drive but very slowly.

    this gets stuck in 3rd gear so if you go to take off it will take minutes to drive just a very short distance and get up to speed. Once at reasonable speed and normal 3rd / 4th gear the car runs fine and you can go well. Like I had to take off at a roundabout and it literally took 10-15 seconds just to move a few metres half way through as the revs are there but power isn’t.

  • At the time of buying I didn’t know these were issues with these Volvos. All the other issues have since been fixed and mostly cheap (just happened to mainly be the car had been dormant for a long time). The transmission is the only thing now and whilst it could be big I’m happy to stick with it at the moment. From what I’ve been reading more on my issue it may just be as simple as a PNP switch. Which is why I was asking for symptoms to watch for. I don’t think it’s limp mode either as power is there and everything still works but just like stuck in 3rd.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    It depends if you have a good independant Volvo shop and in reality the new modules for the gearbox are available and to have ity rebuilt using the usa race kit is a great thing but adding it all up , is it worth it?

    If you do not work on it and pay someone for all of the work then NO , thjis is a bad idea unless you are rich then why on eartyh not get a P3 Volvo XC70 with all the options in a T6 and do the Polestar upgrade then Hilton tune and all the kool things the Swedes do to them.

    If no rich? Do not proceed on this car , all you have read is true. Itys a LEMON.

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