[Vic] 1983 265 parts for sale

AdrianHDrain74 @AdrianH Elphinstone, VIC

Stripping out a 1983 265 wagon, all mechanical parts are available (tossing up weather to keep the engine or not). Other parts are rough but is what you see in the photos. One door (rear left) has been cut up a bit but other three are intact (no rust) also tailgate and left front guard.

The car is located in central Victoria, small parts car be posted out otherwise pickup or other arrangement



  • Hey mate,

    Have you got the centre pocket insert that slides in near the handbrake?

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    I'm on the lookout for a rust free tail gate, but logistics...

  • AdrianHDrain74 @AdrianH Elphinstone, VIC

    I am currently working away from home till mid next week.

    @Andoria, note sure if I have this but will have a look when I get back home.

    @VolDan I have not looked at the tail gate for some time but feel it is rust free. I can have a look and send you a photo when I get back. If you want I can hold on to it till logistics can be arranged.

    The engine and power window system have been spoken for.

  • dmmDane @dmm Port Melbourne

    Nice DBS/AMV8 in the background!

  • AdrianHDrain74 @AdrianH Elphinstone, VIC

    Well spotted, 1972 DBS V8, undergoing an engine rebuild (taking too long) then back on the road.

  • Hey mate,

    Do you have the roof rack still?

  • AdrianHDrain74 @AdrianH Elphinstone, VIC

    Hi @TomD, yes I still have it. I am currently working interstate and will be travelling tomorrow home. I can get some photos of it when I get back.

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