WANTED 1031 Crown and Pinion in 3.31 Ratio

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Hi I am on the hunt for a 3.31.1 Crown and Pinion for a 1031 diff. Let me know if you happen to have one for sale. Probably should also say it’s a 27 Spline.


  • I have that

    Not ready to part with it yet but I will once I upgrade

  • No probs, let me know when you do. What are you planning to upgrade to? I currently have a 3.54 in mine.

  • I have a 3.73:1 G80 which needs to be modified due to the speedo sensor wheel being different from 240 to 940

  • Klaptrap24Kevin @Klaptrap24 Sydney, NSW

    i have one, whole 1031 diff (no brakes or trailing arms). crown and pinion in great condition.

    located in Penshurst NSW 2222

  • I can’t tell from that if the ratio is 3.31? If it is, how much do you want for it?

  • Klaptrap24Kevin @Klaptrap24 Sydney, NSW

    number stamped on the crown wheel are 43-13 = 43 crown teeth, 13 pinion teeth. divide those two together and you get 3.30769230769 (3.31).

    ill send you a message re. price

  • Just to let people know, I missed out on that diff so I am still looking.

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