740 & 760 Fun with Freya The 740 Turbo

So i recently purchased another Volvo, you just can't have one hey.

Meet Freya, she is a 1987 740 Turbo and came from the factory with climate control and black leather interior.



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    As soon as it was purchased she went straight on to stands to get her sitting lower to the ground

    Things spiralled out of control very quickly once the struts were out.

    The strut tops were totally shagged, the lower ball joints were shot. So she sat for a while until parts were sourced.

    Oh yeah, I cut one of the springs incorrectly so i had to find another set too

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    I managed to get in touch with another 940 owner and he had a set of 70mm lowered front springs which we chucked into her. She got new bushes, strut inserts and shocks, all round.

    The back springs were cut 2 and a half coils to match the front height

    It drives really good. I have to remember to go diagonally over speed bumps and she just makes it into my driveway. The front springs aren't rock solid and she has a nice ride.

    Taking the car on the freeway was nice and being a Turbo makes hills a breeze. Just a little boost sees her accelerate past the speed limit real easy. Everything is standard for the moment so will be doing a service next to get her running like new before doing any engine mods

  • Gorgeous 740!

    Looks much nicer lowered, a set of front fog lights would set the front end off nicely.

  • I am on the hint for some and a bumper

  • I drove her for a bit and here she looks dirty

    I didn't like the dirty look so I gave her a clean and mini detail

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    She was only making 5psi of boost when i got her and about 18in vacuum. I sprayed some Start Ya Bastard around the intake and found there was a leak on number 2 and 3.

    So off came the intake manifold

  • As can be seen from the old intake manifold gasket, she was definitely leaking on 2 and 3

    The gasket was hard and brittle, probably still the original from 87.

    She also has a hard time starting when cold which usually everyone says is the FPR. I have ordered another FPR to replace the original one.

    While the intake was off I thought I may as well pull the injectors and have them cleaned on my mates injector cleaner.

    The initial spray test showed that 3 of the injectors were within 1mm of each other and 1 injector sprayed an extra 2mm. Also 2 of the injectors had a different spray pattern. 1 was shooting diagonally.

    They were put into an ultra sonic bath and the crap started coming out pretty soon

    You can see all the crap coming out of them. My mate usually outs injectors into a bath for 45 minutes. These were in for 3 hours.

    The after test had all injectors spraying perfect and all were at the same amount.

    I also found the idle bypass hose had exploded

    The crack was several inches long. I have put another hose in there for the time being until I order the correct part from IPD.

    I got it all together last night and she started first turn. No hesitation. I will still get the FPR to make sure the fuel side is all good.

    Next will be a good engine bay degrease, not sure if I will remove the bonnet sound deadening, will have think on that one.

    Test drive tomorrow as there is a cars & coffee near me So will see if she goes better...

  • I might be wrong but I thought yellow injectors were NA & turbo ones green.

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    I don't know, these were on car and part numbers looked right

  • Quick update, took her for a drive and she is making a full 7 psi of boost. It is a really fun car to drive now, response is instant where It was a little sluggish before.

    Got bored through the night and have been wanting to try something on a car for a while so I went for it.

    The wheel was a little tired before and now the grip and feel is awesome. Will add some more rope later as I ran out so got creative with the wrapping

  • Also noticed the sound proofing under the bonnet was worn and tired

    So I removed it

    Undecided if looks better but at least it is not falling off. Have more plans for this later...

  • Up next is LEDs in dash and have ordered a new FPR from Skandix. Have more stuff to get like a better front bumper which I am trying to track down

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Are you going to put fog lights back in? I think you can still buy replacement brackets for them

  • You aren't wrong, they are supposed to be green. Yellows are NA parts. That being said it's possible they have been replaced with aftermarket ones that so happen to be yellow instead of green. OP should double check this before this becomes another "I accidentally the whole block at 10psi"

  • I will double check the part numbers on them, does anyone know what standard injectors should flow?

  • B230 NA = 0 280 150 762 - 185 cc/min

    B230FT = 0 280 150 804 - 300 cc/min

    B234 = 0 280 150 749 - 214 cc/min

    At 300 kPa system pressure.

    See Pocket Data Book, page 33.

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