240 Dan's 1985 240GL K-jet wagon project

VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania
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Hi all, quite some years ago, contrary to common sense, I purchased a non-runner 85 wagon that was in bits. B230E out, and head removed. It was dragged back to my parents property in rural Tas, and slow progress was made due to location, work, family, and a certain 2013 catastrophic bushfire event back at the family home. At the time I was restoring my 1970 1800E, a 68 VE Valiant, and daily driving a 63 AH Sprite, lost them all sadly. We rebuilt and I partially restored a 66 122S, then moved to the north of the state. Sold that and moved on to a 72 1800E restoration, which is well underway. Being closer to the parents, have recently revisited getting the old wagon mobile again. Thought I would share a few photos for interest sake, but also to make it real, and maybe give me a nudge and something to look back on every few years!



  • RoinikIan @Roinik Mount Gambier, SA.

    Nice. Are you planning on doing the engine wiring loom while you're at it?

  • Good stuff. What's the wagon need to make 'er run?

    I'm in the middle of Project Big Red at present - also an '85 B230E K-Jet, but a 244 with M46.

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Maybe? I've read this era can be problematic? Last time I looked into it a few years ago, seemed the Dave Barton replacement was the way to go?

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    I'm hoping a fuel system tidy up may be enough? Injectors soaking ATM, and some extra bits from @Roinik will be useful. She had a head rebuild a few years ago, but unfortunately wasn't put straight into service, so I'm prepared for brakes, diff, etc. Once running, the entire bottom lip of the tailgate hatch needs rust repair or replacement. I'd hope to slowly progress the project towards daily driving, but I'm realistic and patient :)

    I'd love to check out Project Big Red! Especially being a sibling year K-jet :)

  • I can new wiring harnesses locally and cheaper

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Good to know, I might be in the market for one sooner or later :)

  • I make wiring harnesses too, I've done a few 85 240 B230E ones.


  • I have a bit of surplus K-Jet gear from the 242GT (The GoaT) which threw a leg out of bed about 30 kays from Devonport when I was bringing it home. The GoaT is getting LH 2.4 because K-Jet is just too romantic for me., and Big Red's K-Jet is running without issues (so far...) despite being parked for many years, so I'm not sure just yet if I'll need it. I also have a diff / rear end from a lowish mileage 78 244 that I'm not sure what to do with, so it's totally surplus.

    You may need to check the fuel tank's insides and get it cleaned - I got Radiators Plus in Shamrock St (next to Hungary Jacks) to purge the tank of its horrors and it's come up brilliantly, that was $350 well spent IMHO.

    Happy to be an extra pair of arms and legs and give you a hand if needed.

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Thanks for the recommendation. Have a few tanks, cores, and radiators that need some love.

    And thanks for the offer of help! Will pm you :)

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Cold start, AAV, and injectors cleaned up and back in, but one job leads to another. Suspect starter has been sitting too long, along with the rest of the car!

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Started dismantling the starter on the bench at home. Got everything apart except the main case. Applied a penetrant, heat, and time, to the large screws, and still managed to break 2 driver bits trying to crack. Reassembled and dropped off at local auto-elec for a quote! Hopefully it's redeemable.

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Starter motor rebuild complete, ready to reinstall tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  • She is looking good and good to see they rebuilt your original starter instead of selling you a new one. Not may people rebuild anything anymore

    You need a good impact screwdriver set to remove the solenoid screws and sometimes also for the body screws. I haven't used this since I was an apprentice but its why I have it to rebuild starters as the screws are always UNBELIEVABLY tight as you found out

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Thanks Lloydy!

    Really appreciate your feedback. I was on the fence. I hate replacing what can be repaired. With my limited experience in this area though, i'd quickly exceeded my own hourly rate, I needed to get it done properly. I could probably have bought 2x cheap ebay units for the same money, but what a horrible thought! As it turned out, needed a new drive. If i'm able to move on to the next stage, I'll be happy with the outlay.

    Your impact driver set looks the business! Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure not to try again so ill-equipped :)

  • @Ex850R its A Snap on impact set. I went through a couple of cheap ones as an apprentice and broke them then bit the bullet and got a snap on one never had an issue with it and if you break the bits they replace them FREE!. And just think @VolDan your supporting local business and local apprentices👍

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Starter works brilliantly now. It's brought a few other minor issues to the fore though!

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Bit tricky to see from this photo, but fuel leak at the Kjet distributor (I think) and water leak at dodgy hose clamp at firewall heater core junction. Ironically, didn’t leak before I topped up! Bahaha! Unfortunately ran out of time again..

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania
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    Finally got back to the wagon this morning with just enough time to pull the intake manifold and kjet.

    PCV seems not to have sealed properly at the o-rings or internal baffle failed, oil everywhere.

    Another potential suspected fuel location around throttle body. All back home for cleanup and inspection.

    Not much closer, but any progress is good with so much else going on.

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Such a long time between updates.. much has changed.

    One of the challenges of this project has been distance, located at my parents property. Initially 3 hours away, then after we moved house 4 years ago, only 30 minutes. More recently, other challenges presented.

    Cancer has a way of re-prioritising everything, as I'm sure many here would understand. We lost my father in early 2022. Still trying to navigate grief. He was pivotal in this project, managing the full engine rebuild, and more, and putting it all back together.

    Have recently come back to the wagon project with the goal of getting it operational. Perhaps to sell, perhaps for one of the kids down the track, but certainly to move, as it can't stay where it's been living for so long.

    Anyway, more than a few solid hours recently spent replacing the PCV system, and reinstalling the intake and injection system with new throttle body and intake manifold gaskets, and I was hopeful. No luck unfortunately, and another visit was required...that was today.

    Have spent some time troubleshooting the usual suspects this morning. Then after checking pump, supply, power, fuses (& bypassing), removing and bypass jumping the fuel pump relay, was able to prime, start and eventually run (not for long). No fuel leaks, so the new throttle body gasket has done the trick there. Trouble seems to be the green fuel pump relay (no additional white one, just the single green one for this era of k-jet). So further troubleshooting awaits...

    In the meantime, I'd like to give a quick shout out to @bgpzfm142 and @1971_144GL for moral support and friendship, it's great to have local like-minded friends, and to @jamesinc for the forum and the support it provides for us all. I'm sure for many us these Volvo tinkerings provide a positive contribution to our mental health :)


    some photos to follow...

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