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740 & 760 Daytime Running Lamp LOW at front passenger side (Showing Warning Light Bulb)

RomerJon17ansett.747 @RomerJon17 Frankston, Melbourne
edited April 8 in Troubleshooting

My Volvo 740GL came back from 1 month repair on trims, carpet and headliner. But I noticed a minor problem on the daytime light is low and showing warning light bulb. I changed the light bulb and still showing the same problem. I checked the fuses and I see no blown out fuse on daytime running lights.

The warning light bulb turns off when I switch on the headlights.

Is it the Headlamp Relay causing the issue? The dudes did something on the relays and the fuse box while replacing the trims.


  • paul0075Paul0075 @paul0075 Canberra, ACT

    Check that your earth is connected properly for that particular light.

  • Also are you sure you're using a dual filament globe sometimes it's difficult to see, compare with the opposite side globe

    If yes, pull the wiring connector for the lamps apart and be sure all three male wires mate firmly with the corresponding female connectors

    So many problems start on these cars due to wires not being completely inserted

  • @RomerJon17 - what happens when you switch on the parking lights only? Does that side light up at all? Or is it super bright?

    If it lights up super bright, you may have the wrong type of globe in there.

    If it doesn't light up at all, either there's an earthing problem to the globe, the globe has failed, or the wrong type of globe is in there.

    As Ramrod mentioned, the parkers / Day Running Lights are a twin filament globe, 21W for DRLs, 5w for parking. Check your owners' manual for the correct type of globe and socket for that application. The globe socket base should have 2 stubby pins in it - one pin is for the 21W+ connection, the other is for the 5W + connection; the ground is common to both and via the metal outside of the globe base.

  • RomerJon17ansett.747 @RomerJon17 Frankston, Melbourne

    I've went to AutoBarn, shown the light bulb to the staff and they gave me 21W/5W Twin Filament Globe. I've fit the new light on the socket and still same issue. Anyway, the Masons will try to fix the problem until August.

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