Transmission cooler xc90 V8

Hi folks.. Need some advise, would my model xc90 2010 model come with a factory transmission cooler?.. Thinking of putting one on to help smoother gear changes and protection when I'm towing.. Any advice would be really appreciated..


  • The transmission fluid should circulate through the radiator on the passenger (LH) side. You should see the aluminium pipes top and bottom going into the plastic tank.

  • Would it be more effective with a aftermarket one added though? Only cause I'm in Qld and it's hot all the time up here

  • I've towed an S40 on a trailer up a long hill in 48°C with the aircon on, no trouble. Adding a cooler increases the chance of a leak as far as I can see. I don't think heat really kills the fluid in the Volvos - it's the circulation of metal particles etc because there's no transmission filter and the factory said it's "sealed for life". The wear particles get circulated until they clog up the solenoids or wear away the aluminium valve body - the two main transmission failures I've seen on here.

    Regular fluid flushes and keeping the fluid clean seem to be the keys in my experience. Just my opinion.

  • Flushing fluid is only thing that needs doing

    I did tons of towing with my 2010 v8 and trans never got hot

  • Ohh righto.. Thanks for your advice.. So would you think maybe installing a external filter would help also?

  • Nope. All you'll do is starve the transmission if the filter does its job. Regular changes for cleaner fluid. Works a treat.

  • Yeh I've looked more into it and I'm trying to get a smother gear change especially from from 2nd to 3rd as Its a little harsh or jerky like every now and then, never gotten any worse though since I did a fluid flush about 6 times and a Vida transmission mate says could be torque convertor issue but doesn't have the experience like people do on this site.. Really appreciate the feedback from the Ozvolvo members 🙏👍

  • The torque converter issue is usually a shudder at 20,40,60km/h - the transmission starts in first, then engages TC lockup...changes to second then engages TC lockup etc etc. If the friction surfaces on the TC lockup clutch are glazed or saturated with shmutz then the system shudders a little as it takes up the drive.

    When you did a "Vida transmission reset", did you reset the transmission fluid counter, or reset the adaptation (which Vida says only to do if you've replaced parts) ...or both ?

    The adaptation keeps a track of what line pressure is required to provide a smooth shift between each gear, particularly to compensate for wear of clutches and bands. It has a huge impact on shift quality.

    Resetting adaptation then driving gently for the first few sets of gear changes lets the system relearn from scratch. I've always found this to work well even if it's only the fluid changed. There's supposed to be a proper drive cycle to let the system set the adaptation correctly but I've never bothered with that - just drive gently at first. Definitely do this if you haven't already.

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