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ID location Volvo screw M7 Torx head countersunk

Guys from the 850 onwards Volvo used a few M7 torx head screws/bolts.

Must be an odd Euro thing as Peugeot also uses plenty of M7 eg. on cylinder head inlet manifold, so a fellow was telling me.

Q. the question is where on the Volvo is the countersunk head M7 Torx head fitted. They have one but where.

Any clues appreciated.


  • Is this some sort of quiz and is there a prize?

    The only place I can think of that has a countersunk torx bolt on any of the whiteblocks, is securing the cam position tone wheels onto the camshafts on the RNC whiteblocks.

    I don't think any of the earlier 5cyls have any countersunk bolts, there are some m7 torx bolts in other locations but no countersunk bolts.

  • Thanks timbo for your answer, well done. This will help a fellow do a manifold conversion on his Peugeot where he needs to bolt up an adaptor plate, hence c/s bolts.

    He also owns a road registered clubman with a supercharged rotary engine with obviously a fab power to weight ratio. The reason why a supercharger? Is that the s/charger gradually builds boost from low rpm and maxes out at 11psi at higher rpm, meaning the power delivery is gradual and doesn’t overwhelm the chassis & more importantly the rear tyre traction.

    Volvo content is he has seen a Volvo site in Sweden selling the kooky M7 bolts but no one till now (prize to timbo) knew the said location to look for them locally.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Any bolt place can get.

    Marine fasteners (boat surcharge warning)


    RS Components for sure.

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    This is the Volvo part number it's m7 x36mm. 987959

    Lots of people strip the bolt as it looks like a regular torx bit but im pretty sure its an ipr torx bit which has squarer points if that makes sense.

    Also there's only 2 on each engine, so probably not worth trying to source from wreckers

  • Brilliant timbo, right to the source. I’ll drop off a beer next time I’m in Woden.


  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    The M7 is my second most useless thread tap, after the M15.

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