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XC60 Buying used 2009 XC60

Hi new to the forum. seeking some advice on buying an XC60 used 2009 model. I have watched a few youtube videos to get some tips but most talk of windscreen leaks and issues with alternators. the one I am looking at has the T6 engine and I was told that Toyota makes the gearboxes for these cars. Who makes the engines for Volvo.

Any information would be great.

Thanks in advance,



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The gearbox is AISIN. The motor originally Land Rover.

    The T6 is epic fun.

    Some use a bit more oil than usual but no big deal, my V60T6 is near 200K KLM.

    Be sure to have gearbox flushed.

    PCV needs replacing, aircon compressor , fans with module common to need done by now.

    Engine mounts esp top torque bar and one below it.

    Suspension after 150,000 as you would expect and associated suspension bushes etc etc.

    Great car!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Check screen by pushing out from inside at top. You can see if it moves.

  • I took this car for a test drive and one of the first things I checked was the fan and that was ok I did notice a bit of road noise I don't know if that was because of the tyres they could have been a hard compound. the T6 has plenty of power. it's missing the blind that covers the parcel area. also, the lining on the roof has stains.

  • Problems I've had with my 2011 D5 in the past 4 - 5 years of ownership.

    Rear diff pinion bearing failure (documented on this forum)

    Short circuit/faulty electrical connection to fuel pump (no inspection cover for tank lid) (also documented on this forum)

    A/C compressor solenoid failure (documented on this forum)

    Leaking windscreen

    Flickering headlights

    Harsh engagement from park/neutral/reverse to drive

  • My issue the cost of parts and who can fix it. I live in Brisbane at the moment but am moving back to Mackay in about a month. And the closest dealer is on the sunshine coast. but there is a mechanic who says he can fix Volvos in mackay.

  • Honestly unless you are mechanically inclined or have deep pockets I wouldn't buy one. My XC60 is such a great car to drive, very luxurious but it's also the biggest lemon I've ever owned in my 27 years of car ownership.

  • Thanks, Joel for your candid comments.

    I am a sucker for euro cars but I think I am going to take a pass on this one.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    Having a shop that has Volvo specific diagnostic tool or top of the line other type is imperative for any modern car.

    They all use the same stuff under the skin if you think about it , it's only the Asian ones who want a cheap car that you see with headlights or taillights out regularly for example......I wonder what else is poor quality in them.

    I met a guy at the blood collection place once waiting inline to do our bloods , he worked at main depot for a multi Euro car roadside assistance company.

    He said their business was booming with Mercedes all day everyday and nothing they could fix, it's all dealer work to fix.

    So we know a modern car is prone to issues early in model life till sorted and then when the fragile modules age and get a beating they begin to fail maybe 10 years on.

    It's part of ownership nowadays.

    The above horror story is just that, a really worst case scenario just waiting to happen.

    You don't get the 1000s of happy campers coming here and applauding their great Volvo because they are out there enjoying it!

    I've spent 1200 Bux on a failed radiator fan module/fan unit complete , two engine mounts , 200,000K V60T6. That's over the past three years.

    Sure it needs suspension, ALL cars do at probably 120,000klmif you are serious.

    I wouldn't get a 2009 one when the say , 2013 one is more cost effective the way prices are now. And you get a whole lot more extra safety in the newer one plus better powertrain control modules.

    Ask here if it playsup , get your guy to scan it, the techs on here advise and off you go.....

    Get one. A T6 one , fkn epic......

  • It also comes down to previous owners who have or haven't looked after the cars. I have owned three mk5 golfs two FSi and a GTI and one of them was nothing but trouble. It was my own fault I didn't get it checked out and I paid for that mistake.

  • I agree its a horror story but I would still buy another XC60 as I like driving the car so much. If I didn't know how to fix things myself though its probably not a great option. As I said, mechanically inclined or deep pockets.

    Volvo diagnostics wouldn't have picked up both the major issues I had with mine (diff and fuel pump connection), I diagnosed them myself by google searching the symptoms and both times the diagnosis was spot on. This wouldn't have been possible if they were not common and reoccurring issues.

    Whether they were a symptom of poor quality control, use of cheap parts or just bad engineering I do not know but I do know there would not have been much change from $5k if I paid someone else to diagnose and fix them.

    As Snoopy said I would spend the extra on a later model with less km's if you really want one.

  • Yeah still thinking about it. looked at some later ones online. the extra cost would be about 3g.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The way prices have gone is silly but look at WA , some absolute bargain XC60T6s there! Worth paying the transport cost for a 10K discount on silly prices here!

  • I will have a look

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


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