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850 MBC , engine bay or in cabin

Over the weekend hopefully going to fit this ..............

What i would like is to fit it in the cabin , either in a couple of blanking switches by the Tracks switch or take the cigarette lighter out and put it in there . But after reading many many threads on dash mounted mbc's people have been / are getting spikes due to the length of hose required . Probably answering my own question there hey ? Best just fit it in the engine bay ? Anyone mounted their one in the cabin ? Any thoughts guys ?

Cheers 🍻



  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater WA

    Ok went for the engine bay

  • Yes engine bay! This thing is part of the system that opens the wastegate, you don't want long lines.

    The only time I have ever dash mounted, and the only way I would even consider doing so, is with a pwm controller, hooked up electronically to a haltech, then turning the knob up more raised the tcv duty cycle.

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