[NSW] Price Enquiry - 2013 V50 T5 R Design ~34k Kms

Sorry if this is the wrong forum but the for sale area said no price queries so here I am.

My aged parents (89 and 78) just stopped driving after being Volvo drivers for many decades. This car has not been used much except shopping runs and hence quite low Kms. They didn’t really need the R-Design version but the dealer had it and they liked the colour! So never been driven hard and always serviced at Volvo dealer.

Mechanically I believe it’s excellent, cosmetically interior also excellent, exterior has a few parking lot scrapes and minor dings but nothing major and not been in any accidents. Overall a good example.

Any idea of what I should be asking for it on their behalf? Open to offers if that’s allowed here.

Car is located in Northern Beaches area of Sydney and I can arrange an inspection if anyone wants a look. Unfortunately personally I am not near the car so maybe can’t answer all your questions but will try to relay them to people on the ground who are. I only have the one photo of it at the moment as it’s parked inside (where it’s lived most of its life and the person taking photos doesn’t want to squeeze it out and in of the tight garage)

Thanks in advance for any insights or tips!

Ideally would like it to go to someone who would appreciate it, hence why posting here.



  • Only photo I have at the moment sorry

  • Seems no interest or comments here. If I have put it in the wrong forum please let me know. Even any slight indication on pricing would be helpful.

    This is the closest car I can find but its 2 years earlier, almost 5 x the number of Kms and looks like at a dealer. Not sure how to adjust based on that.


    Any help at all appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi @AndrewD

    I find that normally Redbook can be a useful place to start when I'm trying to value a used car. Unfortunately they don't list a v50 r-design after 2012. The 2012 guide currently says $9400 to $11200 for average Kms.

    In my opinion; providing more photographs as well as specific service history information would aid in more accurately valuing this car.

    It may also be useful to double check the car is both a 2013 year model and the r-design variant. I think they normally have a rear spoiler and some badges.

  • Great - thanks very much Essbos - that is very helpful! Will see what I can do on both points

  • I should note that the one on caresales above also has no rear spoiler or rear badges. I have already asked people on the ground for more photos - hopefully will get some soon

  • In terms of the model year - its possible it may be a 2012 model first registered in 2013? The papers I have seen from last rego inspection mention "Compliance date: 6 / 2013" so that may be the case.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Just a few comments which may add some perspective.

    The design was basically unchanged between 2008 and 2013. Apart from the spacing of the letters on the bootlid and larger logo on the front, there's nothing to show that it's a 2013 model. The R-design was just a trim package and not a lot different to the T5 - floor mats and seat logo ?

    Mechanically they're capable of big kms too, so there's little advantage (to someone who knows about them) between one with 30,000km and one with 100,000km. (In fact low km cars often have greater issues - short trips to the shops are much worse for wear than interstate high speed runs).

    It is 8 years old, even if you say it's a 2013. The timing belt is due for replacement in 1 or 2 years time just because of age, which is a big expense at a garage. It's an "old car", but not really collectable. The "low kms, one lady owner driven to Church on Sundays" really doesn't have any value in the real car ownership thing.

    The metallic trim inside the V50 is very easily marked and scratched. The value of the car will be largely determined by whether the leather has been regularly conditioned, the handbrake lever still has the stupid rear cover and the door lock buttons still have the grommets - and whether AM still works on the radio...all annoying "wear features" but useful to judge whether the car has been valued or not. As Essbos says you really need detail photos to judge the condition.

    Summary: You should be able to get $10,000 - $12,000 for the car, but if I was shopping and found a 2008 version with 100,000km for half the money, I'd buy that one instead because it's basically the same car. (In fact that's what I talked a friend into doing - except the 2008 model had AWD...)

    (In other words, you may be better off advertising on Carsales to non-Volvo people than trying to get a good offer on a Volvo enthusiast site)

    I suspect that's why you haven't had much feedback.

    Good luck, Nathan

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Illawarra NSW

    Needs more photos as well

  • Perfect car to send to auction

    Will fetch mad money with the used car shortage at the moment

  • Great - thanks for the additional feedback particularly Nathan. Makes sense. At least I have a ballpark figure now.

    I have asked for more photos but not got any yet (I am overseas). Will post them when I get them.

  • Well only one more picture (the car is parked in a tight garage and the person on the ground not confident driving it in and out). It does show that it’s an R-Design variant though based on the badge on the front. Sorry I can’t get more but I think I’ve got my answers anyway now. Thanks for everyone’s help and will see if I can get it listed somewhere online.

  • That is my old car. I paid less than what they are asking there for it when I bought it 2 years ago, and with 48,000km on it.

    They are excellent cars, I still kept my 2008 AWD as a daily.

    I traded the other one, got usual trade in prices, IE low... Because as for private sales they seem to take awhile to move them on.

    However your 2013 R design is a desirable model, and if priced well it should move somewhat quickly.

  • FYI - thanks for all the help - Car has now been sold to an acquaintance of an NRMA guy who came out to give it a jump start to get it out of the garage to take some photos! Job done. Happy Volvo'ing!

  • Good result. Nice and easy. Selling cars is usually such a hassle.

  • Yes - honestly your answers here helped reassure people in my family about pricing and that meant we didn't hesitate to give it to the guy - I think he got a good deal (low end of what was mentioned here), but we weren't out to make money just make sure Mum and Dad didn't get ripped off completely. Win, win.

    Thanks again!

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    i was very close to buying a black 6spd T5 V50 very nice looking car from outside but inside the handbrake on the passenger side on a manual and the integrated radio that couldnt be updated..

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